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Just in Time For The Warm Weather — Instant Shampoo for Dogs Cuts Bath Time By One Hour (In Dog Years)!

May 1, 2009

All-GMP-Shampoos-copyAZUSA, CA— A day at the park, a romp through the field… the warm weather brings a lot of good things for dogs and their human companions. But into every canine life a little rain – or shall we say “bath water” must fall. Unfortunately, along with all the increased outdoor activities come more dirty canine coats; all of which makes it necessary for dogs to be bathed more often.  Since most dogs like being bathed about as much as they appreciate a visit to the vet’s office, this can put a damper on a pet’s spring and summer fun – but now help is here.

Cardinal Laboratories has introduced Gold Medal Pets Shampoo, an “instant” shampoo for dogs. Although it doesn’t eliminate baths, Gold Medal Pets Shampoo reduces stress for pets and people by making canine  bath time go a lot faster.   The secret is in Cardoplex, a proprietary formulation that utilizes fruit acids and fast-acting proteins to make water sheet off a coat faster, so it rinses and dries in much less time.

Gold Medal Pets Shampoo isn’t literally “instant,” but it does help pets get out of the bath tub faster, so they can get on with their busy lives. By some estimates the quick rinsing and drying shampoo shaves 10 minutes off the time of an average pet bath (that’s over an hour in dog years).

In addition to Cardoplex, Gold Medal Pets Shampoos features pro-vitamins, such as B5, which act as a moisturizing agent to add luster and shine to a coat while it thickens hair. Other extracts in the shampoo are used to condition coats and moisturize skin.

While every Gold Medal Pets Shampoo features Cardoplex, each variety has been formulated to meet different needs. Whether a dog has a skin condition, a special coat, or simply wants to smell better, there’s a Gold Medal Pets Shampoo just for that purpose, including Blue Diamond Whitening Shampoo, Long Hair Shampoo, ShedLess Shampoo, Citrus Clean Shampoo, and Tea Tree Shampoo.

Based in the Los Angeles area, Cardinal Laboratories has been a leading maker of shampoos for over 60 years. The company was among the first to introduce special formulations of dog shampoo, such as its Blue Diamond variety for white-coated breeds.

Gold Medal Pets Shampoos are available at leading pet stores, including PetSmart as well as online and carry a suggested retail price of $8.99.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-GEE-PETS


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