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The Eyes Have It! Crazy Cat Cat Quest Appeals To A Pet’s Sense Of Vision

June 3, 2009

Cat Quest in PackageAZUSA, CA— When it comes to vision, people and cats don’t see eye to eye. There are more cones than rods in the human eye, which makes us really good at detecting colors and details. Cats on the other hand (or should we say “eye”) have more rods than cones, which isn’t so good if you want to distinguish between taupe and mushroom in a swatch of fabrics, but is vastly superior to our eye structure for picking up even the slightest rapid movement, like the fluttering of an insect’s wings, or a mouse scurrying in the distance.

 Taking a truly visionary approach to pet playthings, the new pet-safe Crazy Cat Cat Quest was designed with the cat’s eye in mind. An innovative wand toy, the Cat Quest features a dragonfly with wings that buzz and flutter rapidly. When a cat’s human companion moves the wand attached to the fluttering dragonfly, cats go…crazy!

 Cats are attracted to the movement of the wings, and eagerly watch as the Cat Quest “flies” around, pouncing and hunting it. Of course, pet lovers should allow their feline friend to “capture” the dragonfly on occasion to reinforce playing – and to keep their pet from getting really mad at them!

 Selling for $9.99 to $11.99, the Crazy Cat Cat Quest is available at leading pet retailers. For more information, visit the company’s website, or contact Cardinal Laboratories at 1-800-433-7387

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