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New American-Made Ripples Dog Treats Are Easy For Pets To Chew and Swallow

June 15, 2009
Ripples Dog Treats

Ripples Dog Treats

SACRAMENTO, CA – (For Immediate Release) –It isn’t “hard” to see why the new Ripples Treats from the Good Pet Stuff Company are healthy for dogs; in fact it’s quite the opposite. The “secret” behind these safe and wholesome treats can be found in their unique soft — but firm — texture.

Unlike old-fashioned chew treats that are injection molded, Ripples are extruded like dog food, so they’re easily chewed through before they’re swallowed to protect against choking and digestive tract blockage. The fact that Ripples are fully cooked in the manufacturing process under strict quality control conditions also makes them easily digestible.

The health benefits of Ripples are enhanced by the high quality, American-made ingredients used to produce the treats. Ripples are low in fat and high (52%) in protein to deliver greater nutritional value. The delectable treats are also fortified with spinach to provide pets with extra chlorophyll, vitamins and amino acids.

With their unique series of grooves and ridges, Ripples also offer some important dental benefits. As dogs chew the soft and palatable treat, “Ripple Ridges” work their way up between the teeth to massage the gum line and help control the development of plaque before it hardens into tartar. This benefit is extremely important, given that roughly 80% of all dogs show signs of periodontal disease by age 3, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society.

Although a chew treat like Ripples is not intended to serve as a substitute for veterinary dental care or at home brushing, it can play a key role in helping pets maintain good oral health.

Ripples come in two flavors: Mint, which contains spearmint oil for fresh breath; and Chicken, which is made with real chicken for maximum flavor and optimal nutrition. Both flavors are available in sizes for all dogs over 5 pounds: small (half-ounce pieces), medium (one ounce) and large (two ounce). Ripples should never be offered to dogs under 5 pounds or puppies less than 6 months of age.

Backed by a 100% guarantee to consumers, retailers and distributors, Ripples are sold as individually wrapped pieces (they make a great impulse item) and in stand-up 12 ounce pouches.

For more information, contact Good Pet Stuff Company toll free at 888-818-6807 or visit

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