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A Kitten-Sized Walk on the Wild Side: Kitten Play-n-Squeak Toys from OurPet’s Let Kittens “Bring the Wild Inside”™

July 10, 2009

WeeBraidyKittenFAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio The natural hunting instinct is present in all cats, regardless of age, and they love to play with toys that simulate hunting and preying.  Pet product manufacturer OurPet’s knows that kittens like to “Bring the Wild Inside”™ just like their grown-up cousins, and developed smaller versions of its popular Play-n-Squeak toys, so kittens can indulge their growing motivation to hunt.

Until now, most “prey” toys have been designed for older, larger cats, meaning kittens, at the most playful stage of their lives, were left out.  The Kitten Play-n-Squeak collection is sized just right for kittens, and features electronic RealMouse™ sound, just like the full-size versions.  With pastel colors and softer bodies, these toys are made especially for tiny teeth and claws, and they rouse a kitten’s predatory behavior, teach social skills and coordination.  Kitten Play-n-Squeak toys also discourage bad behavior brought on by boredom by keeping kittens entertained and stimulated, physically and mentally.

The Kitten Play-n-Squeak collection includes Wee Pinkie Mouse, a soft and playful little pink mouse with pastel green ears and a pompom tail; Wee Catch of the Day, a feathered-tail mouse that dangles from an elastic string to put a kitten in “stalk and pounce” mode; Wee Braid-y Kitten, a fleecy-textured mouse with a multicolored braided tail; and Wee MouseHunter, a fuzzy, terrycloth-covered mouse with suede-like ears and tail.  All Kitten Play-n-Squeak toys are made with kitten safety in mind and do not have loose parts or pieces that can come off and pose a choking hazard or be accidentally ingested.  The toys are catnip-scented and come with touch-activated RealMouse™ sound, the amazingly realistic mouse squeak that kittens love.

Kitten Play-n-Squeak toys are available at pet retailers everywhere.  For more information, contact OurPet’s at 1-800-565-2695 or visit


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