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Fiscal Frugality for Felines: Saving Money on Kitty’s Playthings

July 10, 2009

CatToys_K_OPFARMINGTON HILLS, MI – (For Immediate Release) —  There is no Stimulus Plan for cats, but these curious creatures still need plenty of stimulation on a daily basis. So how can budget-conscious cat lovers keep their pets in attractive playthings without racking up big bills at the pet store? Here are two suggestions from Pet Supplies “Plus:”

  • Spice up old toys, kitty condos and scratching posts with catnip spray. Most cats love catnip, and the scent of it alone is enough to rekindle interest in toys and other objects that have lost their luster over the years. Selling for under $6 a bottle, a catnip spray is a lot cheaper than investing in a new collection of toys or a kitty condo complex. Catnip sprays put the thrill back in old catnip toys without the mess of dried catnip leaves.  A good example of an effective catnip spray is KONG Naturals Catnip Spray, a highly concentrated, all-natural liquid.  The essential oil in this product is steam-distilled from the finest North American catnip, producing the most potent spray, so a little goes a long way.  For about the cost of just one new kitty toy, you can recharge kitty condos, teasers, toys and scratchers and watch Kitty go wild!  KONG Naturals Catnip Spray retails for $5.49-$5.99.
  • Ask cat toys to multi-task.  In this economy, most of us lucky enough to have jobs have learned to multi task on them; so why not ask the same of our cats’ toys. When buying a new cat toy select one that does multiple things. So instead of selecting a toy that was designed to be played with only on the ground, choose one that can be hung so it can be swatted too. This allows owners to vary how a toy is presented to their pets, giving them more fun time for their dollar. A good example is the Play-n-Squeak FuzzyMouse from OurPet’s, a toy that does not double, but triple playtime duty.  FuzzyMouse is unique in that it is not only an excellent toy for flinging and chasing and hind-paw kicking, but it’s also a dangling toy.  FuzzyMouse’s hands have Velcro that allows it to be hung on a doorknob, a kitty condo, the back of a chair…anywhere your cat can whack and swat at the bouncy legs.  The exclusive RealMouse™ sound will keep Kitty coming back for more!  When not hanging, FuzzyMouse’s long, dangly limbs make it ideal for pulling across the floor and having the cat chase it. Of course the soft, curly-furred toy is also great for digging claws into during hind-paw kicking.  The FuzzyMouse sells for under $7.50.

 KONG Naturals Catnip Spray and the OurPet’s Play ‘n’ Squeak FuzzyMouse are available at many fine pet supply retailers nationwide.  For more information, contact the KONG Company at 303-216-2626 or visit; contact Our Pet’s at 1-800-565-2695 or visit or


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