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Flap Happy! New Flappy Dog Toys Keep Pets Entertained By Imitating Nature

July 10, 2009

FlappyMixedFamiliesFAIRPORT HARBOR, OH— “Tuffy,” “Fluffy,” “Fleecie,” “Flossy,” and “Floatie” aren’t five of the Seven Dwarves; they’re products in a new line of textured floppy dog toys from OurPet’s. The new Flappy Dog Toys from OurPet’s were designed with dogs’ natural behavioral instincts in mind.  The toys’ dangling ends flap around when shaken to provide pets with hours of amusement, and their distinctive textures appeal to the natural tendency of dogs to explore objects with their mouths.

“Dogs don’t touch with fingers like we do, they touch things with their mouths,” said Dr. Steve Tsengas, the president and founder of OurPet’s. “Although people primarily consider shape and color when looking at dog toys, their pets are more interested in texture. Dogs like the feel of things in their mouths, and they are gratified by having dangling edges flap around out of the side of their mouths when they carry things; this simulates the canine hunting experience. We’ve incorporated these factors into the design of Flappy Dog Toys.”

The tails flap freely as a dog carries a Flappy in his mouth, moving and feeling like the prize of a hunt. Since the mouths of dogs come in different sizes, shapes and strengths, Flappy Toys come in a variety of textures: 

  • Tuffy Flappy is made of durable, reinforced fabric to stand up to strong jaws and rough play.
  • Fluffy Flappy is made of soft Sherpa material and features crinkly flaps to keep a dog’s interest. 
  • Fleecie Flappy is made of fleece, soft but strong. The texture of fleece helps clean teeth and gums, making the Fleecie Flappy perfect for indoor play and cuddling.
  • Flossy Flappy features natural cotton rope, to satisfy a dog’s urge to chew.
  • Floatie Flappy’s buoyant rubber core makes it the perfect water toy, while added weight allows it to be thrown more precisely.

Used as a fetch and retrieve toy, Flappy is fun for humans too. The tails are comfortable to grip and provide easy control over a throw. Contrasting, vivid colors attract a human’s eye, so that the toy is easy to find, whether it’s in a crowded bag or underneath a piece of furniture.

Each style of Flappy is available in four sizes, from small, measuring 11 inches end-to-end, through extra large, measuring 22 inches. Squeakers in the Tuffy, Fluffy, Fleecie, and Flossy Flappy attract dogs to the toy, with or without the help of a human. As a dog bites down on Flappy, the emitted squeak lets a dog’s sense of hearing join in on play time. 

For more information, visit or call 1-800-565-2695.

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