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Kong May Make The World’s Most Famous Dog Toy, But It’s New Premium Catnip Is The Cat’s Meow

July 10, 2009

Kong Catnip GOLDEN, Colo. – Purring contentedly, rubbing euphorically and rolling with ecstasy.    For years, cat owners have watched their felines’ amusing and sometimes odd reactions to the effects of catnip, a perennial herb from the mint family.  No wonder dried catnip has been a pet store stable for years, but all catnip is not created equal, according to the Kong Company.  Although Kong is best known for its famous red rubber KONG dog toy, the company has just “purrfected” the perfect product for cats. Kong’s Premium Catnip uses the choicest parts of fresh North American catnip plants to create the caviar of catnip.  

The secret to Kong’s purrfection is in the ingredient. While it is widely known that the most potent parts of the catnip plant are the leaves and flowers, many brands of catnip currently available use little of these parts, denying cats the full pleasure of the catnip experience.  Kong’s Premium Catnip includes as much of the all-important leaves and flowers of the catnip plant as possible, because that is where the nepetalactone – the substance that attracts cats to the catnip – is the strongest. 

No ordinary zip-top bag or wax paper pouch would do for this exceptional catnip – Kong designed an air-tight, resealable container just for its Premium Catnip.  This plastic canister was created to maintain maximum freshness and potency up to two years after purchase.  Kong’s Premium Catnip can be kept even fresher by storing the unused portion in the freezer, and taking out just what is needed.

Cat owners can encourage play and appropriate scratching behavior by placing a little of Kong’s Premium Catnip on scratching posts, toys, cat condos or any cat-appropriate surface and watch the fun begin!  Cats won’t be able to resist the sweet, pungent scent of Kong’s Premium Catnip sprinkled on their favorite things.  A cat’s favorite toys can even be “recharged” by placing them in the container and left overnight – the scent of the catnip will be infused into the toy, giving it new life and the cat new energy.

Kong’s Premium Catnip also comes in a concentrated spray made from the same      top-quality North American catnip as the dried variety.  Kong’s Premium Catnip is available at pet retailers everywhere.  For more information, contact the Kong Company at 303-216-2626 or visit 

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Following are some facts about catnip from the Kong Company:

  • There are over 250 species of catnip, all of which have the same effect on cats.
  • Catnip, sometimes called catmint or catnep, is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa, but is now common in North America, too.
  • Not all cats are attracted to catnip.  Studies show that about 65-85% of adult cats are susceptible to the charms of catnip.  Kittens under six months old and elderly cats are the least likely to be stimulated by catnip.
  • Ingesting catnip is not harmful to cats, but too much can lead to an upset stomach and induce vomiting.  Store catnip well out of Kitty’s reach when it’s not in use.
  • The oil distilled from catnip is repellent against insects, particularly mosquitoes, cockroaches and termites.  Laboratory research has suggested that nepetalactone oil – essential oil of catnip – is more effective than DEET at repelling mosquitoes.
  • Catnip is an excellent honey plant, providing nectar for honeybees and other bees.

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