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Small Squeaks, Big Challenge! New Puppy KONG Squeaker Is Soft on Ears, but Heavy on Fun!

July 10, 2009

kong puppy squeakerGOLDEN, CO—The KONG Company, maker of the world’s most famous dog toy, brings the thrill of KONG play to puppies with the new Puppy KONG Squeaker.  The new puppy toy includes a squeaker to appeal to a puppy’s developing sense of sound – as well as his or her fun drive!

With the same unique rubber formula as the original Puppy KONG, the Puppy KONG Squeaker is gentle on teething mouths, but able to stand up to chewing from new teeth. The squeaker is encased in the top section of the toy, keeping it safe, and well, sound, even after lots of playtime. The toughness of the Puppy KONG Squeaker makes it more difficult for puppies to cause the squeak, giving them a real workout.

While the Puppy KONG Squeaker cannot be stuffed like the original KONG toy, it does feature the unique KONG shape, causing it to move unpredictably. When the toy is tossed, bounced, or even just rolled across the floor, puppies can’t guess where it will go, challenging them mentally.

Great for interactive use, the Puppy KONG Squeaker throws easily. An owner can also squeak the toy to catch a puppy’s attention and keep them interested. The squeaks are also a bit softer than most squeaky toys, making them easier on human ears.

The Puppy KONG Squeaker is available in three sizes and two colors: pink and blue. It retails for $7.99-$12.99, at PetSmart and other leading pet stores. 

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