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KONG Wubba Friends For Man’s Best Friend!

September 2, 2009

GOLDEN, CO—KONG Company continues to expand its successful line of Wubba Toys, with the new Wubba Friends toys for dogs. Wubba Friends are plush interactive squeak toys, with the Wubba’s unique double-sphere shape and four flexible tails. On the top sphere, ears, eyes, snouts and other details have been added to bring the Wubba to life as a Fox, Bunny or Teddy Bear, appealing to dogs and people alike!

Made with the same high quality standards as the famous KONG Toy, Wubba Friends are durable enough to stand up to lots of play, while still being a great toy for cuddling during nap time. Wubba Friends’ plush fur is soft enough for indoor play, but strong enough to survive rough-and-tumble outdoor play.

Like the Classic Wubba, the dangling tails of the Wubba Friends add movement and interest to the toys when thrown. In fact, the floppiness of the tails appeals to a dog’s retrieving instincts even while he’s carrying it in mouth, while the rounded shape of the toy is gentle on a dog’s mouth and comfortable, without any awkward corners.

Wubba Friends appeal to people as well as their pets, with their adorable animal shapes. The Bunny, Fox and Teddy Bear characters each have lots of personality. The tails of the Wubba friends also makes throwing them easier and controllable, for games of fetch that are more convenient and more fun.

Wubba Friends are available in three sizes, Small, Large, and Extra Large.

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