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The KONG Company is Raising the Bar for Tug Toys

September 3, 2009

KG1GOLDEN, Colo. – Dogs love to play tug of war with their owners, but the old stand-by tug toys – knotted ropes with handles, rope rings, rubber rings and stuffed canvas or nylon toys – can be punctured by sharp teeth or have dangerous pieces break or tear off. The KONG Company, makers of the famous original red rubber KONG toy that has been a favorite of dogs for over 30 years, has developed the KONG Tug, an innovative tug toy designed with fun and safety in mind.

Made with the same durable rubber that the original KONG toy is made, the KONG Tug takes tug toys to a new level. At either end of the KONG-shaped handles are texturized rubber grips, or bite-zones, that allow both owner and dog to grasp without fear of slippage or breakage. The two handles are joined in the center by a rubber connector with Control-Flex technology, which eliminates snapback, a potentially dangerous phenomenon that happens if the owner or the dog lets go while pulling on the toy. The result is a more comfortable and controlled playtime, enjoyable for both the dog and the owner.

“Everyone who has ever owned a dog knows how much they love to play tug of war,” said Joe Markham, founder of the KONG Company. “We’ve taken the idea of a traditional tug toy and made it even better, by designing it with KONG’s well-known quality and durability. The KONG Tug is sure to be the favorite tug toy among dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.”

For more information, contact the KONG Company at 303-216-2626, or visit


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