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“Brand Width”: OurPet’s New Logo Serves as Big Tent for Wide Mix of Popular Brands

January 15, 2010

FAIRPORT HARBOR, OhioWhen it comes to launching successful new products that set the pace for an entire category, OurPet’s ranks as a leader in the pet industry. But as company vice president of sales and marketing Scott Fitzhugh readily admits, the maker of such popular products at the Big Dog Feeder and Play-N-Squeak cat toys  hasn’t always done all it could to link its corporate name to its popular creations.  

That’s about to change – and in a big way – now that OurPet’s has introduced a new “Brand Width” strategy featuring a redesigned logo and a refocused corporate message that celebrates the company’s diverse product line.

“OurPet’s has been responsible for some of the best known products in our industry, such as Dura Pet Stainless Steel Bowls, Play-N-Squeak Cat Toys, Flappy Dog Toys, Store-N-Feed Elevated Feeders and more,” said Fitzhugh. “However our company name isn’t nearly as recognizable as our brands are in the pet industry. Retailers who love to sell many of our different products, often don’t realize that they belong to the same family of brands.”

Promoting the impressive scope of OurPet’s innovative brands to retailers isn’t a matter of boosting corporate pride, said Fitzhugh, it’s a critically important selling message in today’s competitive market. “Every retailer is looking to operate more efficiently, and consolidating vendors is a key part of that strategy,” he said. “This trend plays into our strength as a company. We not only have a lot of different brands under the OurPet’s umbrella, we have a lot of brands that are innovative, quality-focused category leaders that have proven to be very popular with pet owners.”

OurPet’s new logo reflects the company’s commitment to being a leading edge research and development source in the pet industry, while still retaining the fun look and feel of the company’s original logo. The new logo has the same signature oval shape as its predecessor, but instead of being multi-colored, it has a more subtle two-colored design.

“There’s continuity between the old and new logos, but they’re very different because they serve two very different missions,” said Fitzhugh. “The new logo was intended to communicate with consumers, which is why it’s more colorful. This logo is meant to convey a strong business-to-business message to retailers – namely that OurPet’s can be their single reliable source for a wide variety of leading edge products.”

This message is reflected in the tag line that accompanies the new logo: Inspired by pets, driven by innovation.  The slogan is well founded.  OurPet’s has been responsible for over 100 successful patents in the past 15 years, covering everything from motors used in its Smart Scoop self-cleaning litter pans to the realistic mice sound chips used in its Play-N-Squeak toys and more.

Instead of relying on its corporate logo to convey a message to consumers, OurPet’s has developed a distinct marketing strategy for its seven primary brands: Play-N-Squeak cat toys, Flappy dog toys, Smart Scoop self-cleaning litter box systems, Eco-Pure Naturals natural pet products, Just Right Height Feeders elevated feeding systems, Pet Zone waste management and Durapet premium stainless steel bowls.

Each of the company’s different brands benefits from its own website, marketing/advertising campaign and consumer outreach program.  “All of our individual brands have strong and very positive identities on their own with pet lovers,” said Fitzhugh. “So we don’t need our company name to market these products to consumers. Instead, we want the OurPet’s brand to serve as an umbrella for retailers. We want retailers to be confident that any time they order a brand sold under the OurPet’s umbrella, they’re buying something that’s backed by a total commitment to success at the retail level.”

Based on the impressive list of innovative products that have come out of OurPet’s few would argue with that assessment!

For more information contact OurPet’s at 1-800-565-2695 or visit

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  • Play-n-Squeak Cat Toys – motion-activated cat toys that “Bring the Wild Inside” with RealMouse™ sound technology that emits a squeak similar to a live mouse when a cat plays with them. 
  • Flappy Dog Toys – dog friendly toys that awaken the instinct to shake prey with fun and colorful fabrications.  Flappy’s dangling ends flap around when shaken for hours of amusement, and their distinctive textures appeal to the natural tendency of dogs to explore objects with their mouths.
  • Just the Right Height Feeders – raised feeders that make it more comfortable and easier on the pet’s body to eat.  The line includes the Store-n-Feed, with storage in its base for dry pet food.
  • EcoPure Naturals – natural solutions pet care products that include supplements, grooming products and flea and tick preparations designed to appeal to the eco-conscious customer.
  • SmartScoop – an automated, self-scooping litter box system that scoops the clumps out of the litter and deposits them in a “no touch” modified polymer bag suitable for landfill disposal. 
  • PetZone – a portable and convenient “no-touch” way to clean up after pets.  Line includes long and short handled scoops, hands-free waste bags and waste bag carriers
  • Durapet Premium Stainless Steel Pet Bowls – made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel, Durapet offers the customer durability, stability and ease of cleanup.  The rubber ring on the bottom of the Durapet bowls helps to keep the bowl in place and virtually eliminates undesirable noise.

OurPet’s new logo will be unveiled and the branding strategy launched in January, 2010.

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