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Topsy Turvy Dog Toys are Twice the Fun!

February 23, 2010

 FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio They’re twisty and turny and all wound together to create one two-faced dog toy…or is that two one-faced dog toys?  New Topsy Turvy toys are really two long snake-like plush dog toys that are twisted together, but can be readily separated by a determined canine or pet owner.

The unique characters featured on Topsy Turvy toys prove once again that opposites do indeed attract! Each toy offers some unlikely combination of two characters twisted together, such as a fox and hen, devil and angel, tortoise and hare, wolf and sheep, bear and bee and cat and dog. These paradoxical pairings might not mean anything to dogs (who lack a sense of irony), but the people who buy pet toys find them pretty amusing.

Never before has there been a dog toy quite like the Topsy Turvy – the cute and colorful plush characters with a split personality are cleverly entwined to create one soft, squishable toy that dogs go wild over.  For even more fun, Topsy Turvy can be untwisted to create two separate toys with long, curly tails, perfect for shaking, flinging or a game of fetch.  

Topsy Turvy is a great toy for all dogs, because it’s ideal for solo play, plus it encourages interaction with the dog’s “parents” as well, who can let the dog play with the toy as a whole and have him work at separating the characters himself, or give him the toys individually for twice the fun!

Made of a super-soft yet sturdy low-pile plush fabric, the critters’ amusing, expressive faces appeal to pet owners, who are always on the lookout for cute pet toys, while the curly, bouncy tails are attractive to dogs.  Topsy Turvy also represents value for pet parents, as it is three toys in one – when twisted together, the two characters make one very entertaining toy, but when separated, each character is its own twisty-tailed plaything.

“Dogs like toys with dangling tails, but they also like toys they can grab on to,” said Dr. Steve Tsengas, president and founder of OurPet’s Company, maker of Topsy Turvy.  “We designed the Topsy Turvy collection to give dogs the best of both worlds.  When together, the toy is soft but substantial enough so dogs can carry them in their mouths.  Yet when they’re separated, you’ve got two toys with long, curly tails dogs will love to shake and fling.”

Topsy Turvy toys are approximately 14” long when together.  They are available at pet retailers nationwide.  For more information, contact OurPet’s at 1-800-565-2695 or visit

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