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The Zing’s the Thing! KONG Zinger’s Unpredictable Movements Put Extra Zip in Fetch Games

April 21, 2010

Better than any ordinary fetch toy, the KONG Zinger is an interactive dog toy that bounces, flings, flies, flips and rolls for a whole lot of haphazard, unpredictable fun with a unique launcher lets pet owners reset the toy for another zing without touching the ring – it’s slobber-free!


GOLDEN, Colo. It bounces and flings, flies and rolls, and it’s a whole lot of unpredictable fun.  The KONG Zinger is a fast-action, quick-flinging flying interactive roll and chase toy that is fun for dogs of all ages and sizes.  Whether Fido is in the mood to jump and catch or run and chase, the easy-grip plastic launcher can fling the rubber ring high in the air or far on the ground, with little effort and just an overhead toss sending it farther than any standard fetch toy, haphazardly bouncing and rolling for unpredictable fun.

The name “KONG Zinger” comes from what the launcher does to the rubber ring – it doesn’t simply throw, launch or fling the ring, the KONG Zinger “zings” the ring, and does so with such speed and incredible spin that it causes the ring to roll, skip, hop and bounce erratically, making it seem to come alive.  And when Fido brings the ring back, the special design of the KONG Zinger handle picks up the ring and sets it for the next fling without the dog owner having to touch it, unlike balls or other fetch toys that require owners to handle a dirty, slobber-covered object.

Rubber balls may bounce a few times and then stop, but the KONG Zinger’s multidirectional bouncing and turning is far more effective – and way more fun – for fetch games.   And just try bouncing a ball in the sand on a beach – it won’t work!  But the KONG Zinger will, because it works on any surface, from sand to grass to snow, and it’s a great toy to take to the beach, the park or just about anywhere.  As an added bonus, the KONG Zinger rings float, enabling it to be used for water retrieval exercises as well, since there are no worries about losing the rings in the water at the beach.  

Exercise is just as important for dogs as it is for humans, and the KONG Zinger is a great way to put some active play in Fido’s life.  All dogs love to chase after things, and the KONG Zinger ring is no exception.  The irresistible action of the KONG Zinger will have Fido chasing after it in no time – he won’t even realize he’s exercising!  Active dogs are better able to stave off obesity and are less prone to destructive behavior, because activity gives them an outlet for all their pent-up energy.  The KONG Zinger is an ideal way to help them release it!

The KONG Zinger consists of a 5” diameter ring and 16” long handle.  Replacement rings are available separately.  The MSRP for the KONG Zinger is approximately $9.99-10.99 at most pet retailers nationwide.  For more information, contact the KONG Company at 303-216-2626 or visit

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