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A “Tugga” Good Time

June 23, 2010

KONG’s new Tugga Wubba is an Ideal Tug and Toss Toy for Summertime Fun

GOLDEN, Colo. – Just in time for summer fun in the backyard, at the dog park or on the beach, KONG has introduced the Tugga Wubba, a specially designed dog toy that’s perfect for an afternoon of playing fetch or tug.  The unique shape of the Tugga Wubba lends itself to easy tossing and tugging – just grab the tails that dangle from either end of the long, cylindrical toy and either toss it for a game of fetch or let your dog grab on to the tails on the opposite end and tug away!

The latest addition to the KONG Wubba line of toys, the Tugga Wubba is made from the same durable, reinforced ballistic nylon fabric as the original KONG Wubba, making it a tough toy built for rough play.  The unique elongated shape of the Tugga Wubba with dangling tails on either end makes it ideal for tossing and tugging, two favorite games dogs love to play with their owners, both outdoors on warm, sunny summer days and indoors, when the weather’s not so great.

The Tugga Wubba’s elongated shape and prey-like mouthfeel also make it an excellent toy for retriever training.   Dogs enjoy the feel of things in their mouths, and the texture of the nylon plus the dangling tails on either end help simulate the hunting experience.  And for the owners, the bright colors of the toy make it easy to spot in the wild, even if the “wild” is under a sofa!

Additionally, the Tugga Wubba is one of the safer tug toys on the market.  Because it is not rubber or plastic, there can be no snapback – a phenomenon that occurs when either the dog or the owner lets go of the toy, or the toy breaks while being pulled, potentially causing injury to either the dog or the owner.  The Tugga Wubba has a foam base with a hard-wearing nylon fabric shell, so not only can it take some pretty intense roughhousing, there is virtually no chance of snapback!

The KONG Tugga Wubba is available in three sizes – small, medium and large – to accommodate all sizes and breeds of dogs, and it comes in three bright, vibrant colors – red, blue and purple.

For more information, contact the KONG Company at 303-216-2626 or visit
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