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The Tiger Inside: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hunter

June 29, 2010

Play-N-Squeak’s Line of Play Wand Toys for Cats are Designed to Nurture the Beast Within


Fairport Harbor, Ohio– Although the modern domesticated house cat is pampered and well-cared-for in their indoor environment, the soul of a skilled hunter will always lurk inside. Due to a lack of natural prey in their indoor surroundings, cats will find a way to make their toys into wild animals that must be captured. Play-N-Squeak® encourages these natural urges and thrill of the chase with their popular line of exciting Play Wand cat toys. The realistic look of the interactive toys was designed to encourage house cats to get back to their natural instincts, while still maintaining the secure indoor environment that is proven to be the safest atmosphere for cats.

Unlike any ordinary floor toy a cat would bat around the house solo, these interactive toys encourage pet owners to play right along with their pets. People find it relaxing and entertaining spending quality time playing with their cat, so a toy that both can enjoy is a must. Pet owners will not be able to resist the simplicity of flicking the wand and catching their pet’s attention instantly, then dragging the wand along the floor or dangling the treasure above the cat’s head to get them jumping and pouncing all over the house.

Cats will love the realistic-looking furry creatures with their soft feather details, and the catnip stuffing is sure to enhance their playtime experience. Rounding out the multi-sensory encounter, the toys feature the superior technology of the realistic electronic “RealMouse Sound that the company has pioneered and perfected. The “squeak” that the toy emits has the same frequency and volume of a live mouse; so cats may actually believe they have caught a real mouse! All of the cat’s incredibly powerful senses will be focused on the sight, feel, sound and smell of these delightful Play Wands.

The Play-N-Squeak Play Wand line features attractive packaging designs, utilizing materials in the packaging and in the products that are completely recyclable. The toys in the Play Wand line include the “Bounce & Pounce Play Wand, the “DangleMouse, the “Flick ‘n Stick Play Wand and the “Tiger Teaser Play Wand. Each Play Wand features long-life batteries to ensure many hours of healthy interactive playtime together.

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