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No Fluff Zone: SPOT’s Skinneeez Cat and Dog Toys Show Their Stuff by Getting Rid of Stuff(ing)

July 22, 2010

If your dog or cat likes to rip open their soft-sculpture toys and make a mess with the stuffing (or worse yet, EAT the stuffing!), here’s a line of toys you and your pet will love – Skinneeez stuffing-free toys from SPOT Pet Products –  

BLOOMFIELD, New Jersey Dogs and cats love to play with their toys, not the stuffing inside, so SPOT Pet Products showed their stuff by getting rid of the stuff(ing) to create unique and easily identifiable pet toys called Skinneeez.  Reflecting the recent trend toward more floppy pet toys, Skinneeez have a more realistic appearance that is more attractive to cats and dogs, and brings out the hunter in domesticated companions.

Skinneeez toys are easy to distinguish from other pet toys on the market because of the way they look – they appear to be soft-sculpture toys that have not yet been filled with polyester fiberfill.  But that is by design – Skinneeez toys are flat, easy to grab, hold and carry for any dog or cat, and despite their super-soft fur-like fabric exterior, Skinneeez are amazingly durable and last longer than regular plush dog toys, because of the lack of stuffing.  Realistically made to look like favorite backyard critters and have the mouthfeel of real prey, Skinneeez allow dogs and cats to indulge their inner hunters, an instinct that never goes away, regardless of how domesticated they are.  For dogs, Skinneeez might remind them of a day in the field and why fetch games are so much fun, and for a cat, Skinneeez bring out the hunting and preying instinct, as the cat stalks then pounces on her Skinneeez toy. 

Both Skinneeez for dogs and cats reflect on the recent trend in pet toys towards floppy toys, but Skinneeez takes this trend a step further and leaves out all the stuffing, creating a toy that flops even more than some toys designed to be floppy with more room inside for catnip in the cat toys, and squeakers in the head and tail of the dog toys.   The lack of stuffing also means that there won’t be any bits of fluff for the owner to pick up. Also, unlike most fiberfill stuffed toys, Skinneeez are washable, and have securely sewn-on eyes, ears and tails for added safety.

Skinneeez for dogs come in two sizes – regular and mini – and several different varieties, including Mallard Duck, Chicken, Jungle Cat, Pink Flamingo, Ostrich, Beaver and Flying Squirrel.   Skinneeez for cats are available in four assortments, Forest Creatures, Barnyard Critters and Exotic Birds, plus Forest Friends wand toys.  Skinneeez dog toys retail pricing begins around $6.99 and the Skinneeez cat toys retail for approximately $3.49.

The SPOT brand of pet products is a division of Ethical Pet Products, a Bloomfield, New Jersey company dedicated to serving pets and pet lovers since 1952.  SPOT’s product line includes innovative dog and cat products, such as toys, dishes, waste management products, apparel and other dog and cat accessories.  SPOT is committed to providing its customers with the best value and service in the pet industry, while keeping quality, safety, honesty and humanity in mind.  SPOT pet products are available at retailers nationwide.  For more information, contact SPOT at or call 1-800-223-7768.


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