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Bamboo Bistro Elevated Feeders From OurPet’s Combine Style, Strength and Sustainability

July 27, 2010

FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio – Bamboo is one of the most fascinating plants on Earth. A viable replacement for wood that is growing in popularity almost as fast as it does in nature, bamboo has been known to grow an astonishing 47.6 inches in a 24-hour period. It can be harvested in 3-5 years, instead of 10-20 years for most soft woods, and is one of the strongest building materials with a tensile strength of 28,000 psi! With all the recent attention to sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly methods of manufacturing, it is only natural that the OurPet’s Company would tap into this vein to craft their newest feeder from bamboo — the fastest growing plant on the planet.

The Bamboo Bistro Elevated Feeders by OurPet’s combines the best of both worlds, constructing the sturdy yet attractive outer casing from Earth-friendly bamboo and featuring sanitary stainless steel bowls. Stainless steel is by far the superior choice for pet bowls, as it does not chip like ceramic and it isn’t porous and harbor bacteria easily like plastic. The bowls are easily dishwasher-safe for maximum sanitary conditions. The Bamboo Bistro line conveniently creates a raised feeding system for pets to reach their food much easier, so larger breeds and senior pets can appreciate the comfort and ease of having their food closer to reach.

These stylishly eco-friendly feeders come in 4 different and unique models, both in contemporary square and elegantly rounded profiles. One model features a bamboo drawer, and another has a wicker basket below the bowls, as a convenient and discreet place to store your pet’s food. All 4 models in the Bamboo Bistro line have been designed to compliment any modern home setting, not only with style, but also with functionality.

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