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Interior Design: Patent Pending Design Inside KONG’s New Multipurpose Tugger Knots Set Them Apart From Ordinary Dog Toys

October 19, 2010

GOLDEN, Colo. – KONG’s new Tugger Knots are unlike any other dog toys on the market. Colorful, multipurpose toys in cute character designs, these new rope toys are very attractive, but it’s what’s inside Tugger Knots that really sets them apart from the pack.

The rope loops inside Tugger Knots are twisted and knotted in the middle of the toy in a unique, patent-pending design that creates a varied mix of textures and chewing resistances that fascinate dogs, keeping them entertained for hours on end. This exclusive looping configuration also helps absorb stress during tugging games, so Tugger Knots, which have rope loops protruding from either end of the toy, stay intact even after the most vigorous game of tug!

Rope loops aren’t the only thing that makes Tugger Knots special; each toy is designed with a 2-ply plush fabric, which provides a more substantial and realistic mouthfeel than other toys. And looping the ropes inside the toy provides the extra strength needed to last beyond the point at which other rope tug toys have given up. However, Tugger Knots are not just for tugging games – they’re also a great multi-purpose dog toy, perfect for dogs to carry around and shake when they’re not playing a game of tug or fetch. The soft, plush fabric also makes them ideal for cuddling when playtime is over.

Tugger Knots come in four fun characters – Green Frog, Golden Lion, Purple Monkey and Chocolate Moose – and two sizes, Small/Medium, recommended for dogs under 20 pounds, and Medium/Large, for dogs over 20 pounds. Tugger Knots are hand-washable, but submersing the toy in water is not recommended.

For more information, contact the KONG Company at 303-216-2626 or visit

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  1. seefitdo permalink
    November 8, 2010 3:09 pm

    Kong products are known for their durability and I have always had great success with them. Mr. Tobie is a very aggressive chewer so I have always experimented with lots of dog toys (sometimes by choice sometimes not so much when I come home to a destroyed plush frog). I definitely would love to try this out (well you know, Mr. Tobie would).

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