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First Aid for Dogs: Cardinal Pet Care’s New Remedy + Recovery Products Soothe and Relieve Minor Skin Irritations

November 3, 2010

AZUSA, Calif. – When you get a bug bite, a cut or a scrape, most of the time you put a little antiseptic or anti-itch medication on it, maybe cover it with a band aid, and in a few days it’s healed. The process isn’t that simple if it’s your dog with the bug bite or skin irritation – many topical creams and lotions designed to heal and relieve itching in humans cannot be used on pets. Cardinal Pet Care’s new Remedy + Recovery line of pet first aid products was developed to give your dog relief from many of the most common minor skin irritations in soothing formulas made just for canines.

The Remedy + Recovery products offer relief from minor skin irritations, such as bug bites, minor cuts and scratches, and little nicks and cuts. The gentle, yet effective formulations are made specifically for pets, and promote healing as they relieve the itching that can sometimes accompany these conditions. The product line consists of:

  • Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder for Dogs – stops bleeding quickly and safely. This essential pet first aid product is the perfect tool to have on hand during nail clippings. It also helps stop bleeding from little nicks and cuts.
  • Hydrocortisone Lotion – an all-purpose soothing lotion that helps heal skin irritations, wet eczema, flea bite dermatitis, and relieves itching.
  • Medicated Shampoo – a penetrating therapeutic shampoo that relieves itching, dryness, scaling and other types of dermatitis. It also kills bacteria and promotes healing.
  • Medicated Antiseptic Spray – helps to soothe minor cuts and scratches, as well as relieves itching and pain from skin irritations such as bug bites. It also kills germs that can cause infections while protecting and healing skin.
  • Medicated Hot Spot Spray with Lidocaine – the addition of lidocaine offers topical relief from the burning and itching caused by hot spots, flea bites, bug bites or fly eggs. The Hot Spot Spray also helps reduce swelling from allergic reactions to bites and stings and other skin irritations.
  • The Remedy + Recovery line also includes E-Collars of varying sizes, to fit all breeds of pets, from tiny Chihuahuas to extra-large Great Danes. The E-Collars are fully adjustable for a custom, yet comfortable, fit.

    Based in Azusa, California, Cardinal Pet Care’s manufacturing (Cardinal Laboratories) and distribution center is a 100% solar-powered facility. The 60-year-old pet product company is a pioneer in green technology, being the first privately held company in the pet industry – and in its city – to manufacture products using solar energy exclusively. Cardinal products, including the Remedy + Recovery line, are available at pet retailers nationwide. For more information, contact Cardinal Pet Care at 800-433-7387 or visit

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