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November 11, 2010

Exo-Terra’s Heat Wave Substrate Heaters Mimic the Radiant Heat Found in Nature

MANSFIELD, Mass. When keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets, one of the most important things an owner can do is keep the temperature and humidity of the terrarium at optimal levels for the health of the inhabitants.  Overhead heating lamps are required, but sometimes that may not be enough to warm the substrate at the bottom of the terrarium.  The Heat Wave substrate heaters from Exo Terra mimic the absorption of the sun’s heat by the sands of the desert or the moist soil of the rainforest by gently warming the substrate from the bottom, so that the heat radiates upward and creates a more even temperature throughout the terrarium.

The Heat Wave Desert substrate heater is designed to simulate the sun’s heating of the sands in the desert regions of the world, where the sun beams down for many hours and generates extremely hot surfaces with little air humidity.  The Heat Wave Desert safely reproduces these conditions within the terrarium, without adding humidity, as would be found in tropical areas.  The Heat Wave Desert’s thin design is ideal for mounting under the tank, so the heat radiates upward through the substrate, much as the heat would reflect up off the sand in the natural desert habitat.   The safe, even heat distribution helps with regulating the temperature in the terrarium, which is important for the metabolism of the reptiles and arachnids that dwell within the terrarium, aiding their digestion, appetite and activity.

For the recreation of tropical climates, the Heat Wave Rainforest simulates a heated rainforest forest floor, where the sun is often blocked by tall, dense trees and heavy rainfall keeps the soil perpetually moist.  This combination of factors can create very high air humidity, especially when the sun breaks through the clouds and treetops, reaching the moist forest floor.  Unlike with the direct heating in the desert, the soil or substrate in tropical areas never heats up to the extreme, and the Heat Wave Rainforest substrate heater is designed to imitate these conditions in the terrarium, creating an ideal environment for tropical reptiles, arachnids and amphibians.  The safe, even heating and thin design allows for the Heat Wave Rainforest to be mounted under the terrarium for bottom-dwellers, and on the back or sides of the terrarium for tree-bottom reptiles.

Both the Heat Wave Desert and Heat Wave Rainforest substrate heaters are available in Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large sizes, to accommodate most terrariums.  The MSRP begins at about $17.99 at pet retailers nationwide.  For more information, visit


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