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December 29, 2010

Exo Terra’s New Natural Terrarium Mini Full-Featured Terrarium Fits Just About Anywhere

MANSFIELD, Mass. Some people who would like to keep reptiles never get to experience the happiness of being involved in the herp hobby, because they lack the space for a terrarium. Others who would like to add a second or third terrarium to their collection are stopped for the same reason – there just isn’t enough room available in their home. Now Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. addresses this issue by introducing the Exo Terra Natural Terrarium Mini, a compact-glass terrarium that has the same features as its larger cousins to provide smaller reptiles and amphibians with a safe, enriching enclosure.

Taking up just one square foot of surface space, the Exo Terra Natural Terrarium Mini is just like Exo Terra’s European-designed, full-sized terrariums, but at a size that’s perfect for people who want to keep a reptile but don’t have the space for a larger set up. The  Natural Terrarium Mini is also a great way for reptile enthusiasts to enjoy their pets at the office, as it does not take up much space on a desk or credenza.

The hallmark of all Exo Terra terrariums is the innovative front window ventilation system that works in tandem with the stainless steel mesh cover to provide optimal ventilation, and helps to keep the front glass free from moisture condensation.  Exo Terra has made this feature proportional to the Natural Terrarium Mini, ensuring that it gets proper ventilation for its size.  The extra high fixed front window at the base of the terrarium is waterproof, making it ideal for thick layers of substrates used by burrowing reptiles, aquatic substrates for amphibians or to mount an Exo Terra reptile den.  A raised bottom plate allows for the easy mounting of an Exo Terra Heat Wave substrate heater.  In addition to being a key part of the ventilation system, the mesh cover at the top of the Natural Terrarium Mini also allows for UVB and infrared penetration and is easily removable for decorating and cleaning.

Included with the Natural Terrarium Mini is Exo Terra’s natural-looking Rock Terrarium Background, an easy-to-cut background with an incredibly natural look.  Designed in the same color and texture as all other Exo Terra decoration items, the Rock Terrarium Background not only creates a multi-dimensional habitat ideal for climbing reptiles but enhances the terrarium’s natural beauty.  Adaptable to either a dry (desert) or moist (rainforest) environment, the Rock Terrarium Background is easily cut to size, and has grooves on the back for hiding wires and tubes.

The Natural Terrarium Mini is compatible with Exo Terra’s Compact Top Mini and Light Dome light fixtures, the Hygrometer, Thermometer and Combometer, as well as Exo Terra’s Lock, which prevents unauthorized access.  All Exo Terra terrarium decorations, including Plants, Jungle Vines, Hide-Outs, Waterfalls, Substrates, Feeders and Waterers, can be used with the Natural Terrarium Mini.

The Natural Terrarium Mini is available in two sizes – Wide, 12” x 12” x 12”, which is ideal for all small reptiles and amphibians, and Tall, 12” x 12” x 18”, which gives climbing reptiles the extra height they love.  Exo Terra terrarium decorations and accessories are sold separately.  The MRSP on the Natural Terrarium Mini/Wide is $67.99, and Natural Terrarium Mini/Tall is $77.99.  For more information, visit

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