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Grooming Dilemma Solved!

December 31, 2010

Viva La Dog Spa Powder Puff Grooming Spritz Pampers and Refreshes Dogs Between Baths

AZUSA, Calif.Busy people don’t always have time to bathe their pets, and when the weather is cold or damp, they may not want to.  But sometimes, a little between-bath refreshing is necessary, and Viva La Dog Spa’s Powder Puff Grooming Spritz has the answer to a dog owner’s grooming dilemma – the delightfully fresh formula and comforting scent is like a visit to a pampering dog spa for pooches of any age and size, and it cleans and conditions without water, offering a quick refresh without a full bath.

Pet owners know that regular bathing helps keep a dog’s coat and skin healthy and looking good.  But when bathing isn’t possible, Viva La Dog Spa’s Powder Puff Grooming Spritz is an excellent alternative, because it refreshes and detangles coats, leaving them soft and fluffy, with a gentle fragrance that does not overpower.  Designed with aromatherapy ingredients, the baby powder scent will de-stress, relax and rejuvenate to the point that the dog may want to take a nap after his “day at the spa.”

The 100% biodegradable formula in Powder Puff Grooming Spritz is so easy to use it’s almost magical, whether it is needed to control static, de-tangle or condition.  For detangling, simply spray on the coat and carefully comb out.  As a static reducer and to prevent fly-aways, pet owners can just mist over the dog’s entire body and smooth with their hands. No rinsing is required, yet it conditions coats, leaving them velvety soft and giving them a just-washed look and feel between baths or any time a little pick-me-up up is needed.

Like all Cardinal products, Viva La Dog Spa Powder Puff Grooming Spritz is made in the company’s 100 percent SOLAR POWERED manufacturing plant.  Additionally, all Viva La Dog Spa products are completely biodegradable, and the bottles, caps and pumps are recyclable anywhere on the planet.

Viva La Dog Spa is available exclusively at Petco stores nationwide. For more information, contact Cardinal Laboratories at 800-433-7387 or visit

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