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Skin Therapy for Dogs

February 23, 2011

Remedy + Recovery Medicated Shampoo Soothes and Relieves Dry, Itchy Skin

AZUSA, Calif. Just like people, dogs get dry, itchy, irritated skin, and while the first reaction might be to give the dog a bath, if the wrong shampoo is used it could further dry the skin and coat and make things worse.  However, when the right shampoo is used, it can turn a bath into a soothing, therapeutic spa treatment.  Remedy + Recovery Medicated Shampoo is skin therapy in a bottle, designed to thoroughly cleanse a dog’s skin and coat while adding moisture and alleviating the itchiness and other irritations that often accompany dry skin and dermatitis.

The itchiness that results from dry skin or allergies can cause a dog to scratch excessively, further irritating the skin and if left untreated, the skin can become raw and infected.  Remedy + Recovery Medicated Shampoo is a penetrating, therapeutic shampoo that relieves itching, dryness, scaling and other irritations caused by dermatitis and allergies while soothing sore and inflamed skin and promoting healing.  Medicated Shampoo also kills the bacteria which can lead to skin crustiness, scabbing and hair loss.

Even though its primary function is to relieve skin irritations, Remedy + Recovery Medicated Shampoo also helps to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin and coat with deep moisturizers, which work with the therapeutic ingredients to relieve dry skin. They also condition the coat, improving manageability and giving it more fullness and long-lasting shine. A separate coat conditioner is not needed when using Remedy + Recovery Medicated Shampoo.

Safe and effective to use on all breeds of dogs, Remedy + Recovery Medicated Shampoo is part of the Remedy + Recovery line of pet first aid products, which includes Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder for Dogs, Hydrocortisone Lotion, Medicated Antiseptic Spray, and Medicated Hot Spot Spray with Lidocaine, in addition to the Medicated Shampoo.

Based in Azusa, California, Cardinal Pet Care’s manufacturing (Cardinal Laboratories) and distribution center is a 100% solar-powered facility.  The 60-year-old pet product company is a pioneer in green technology, being the first privately held company to do so in the pet industry – and in its city – to manufacture products using solar energy exclusively.  For more information about Cardinal products, including the Remedy + Recovery line, contact Cardinal Pet Care at 800-433-7387 or visit

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