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Drinking “Al Fresco”

March 2, 2011

Dogit Design’s new Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain 

MANSFIELD, Mass. – Fresh, clean water is essential to a dog’s health, yet many dogs are still drinking from bowls placed on the floor and left unattended for hours, which allows the water to go stale and in some cases, to become full of bacteria.  The new Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain from the Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. responds to a dog’s need for a continuous supply of fresh, clean and cool drinking water by the constantly circulating the water, preventing the problems associated with stagnant water.

Dogs are drawn to the fresh-tasting water from the Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain by the gentle rippling sound the cascading water makes.  This encourages dogs to drink more, keeping them hydrated, which is vitally important to dogs’ health and ensures proper kidney function.  The constant movement of the water cools and aerates it, making it more-oxygen-rich and enhancing its healthful qualities.  Dogs will appreciate the cool water, which is especially refreshing on warm summer days.

Unlike other automatic pet waterers, the Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain is elevated, providing a better ergonomic drinking position, which can be helpful for large breed dogs, or those with arthritis, muscle and joint problems.  Plus, it’s large enough for multiple pets, including cats, who will love the circulating water just as much as dogs do.

The multi-stage filtration system in the Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain includes a foam/activated carbon filter that traps dirt, debris, food, hair , sediment and other purities and prevents them from entering the circulating water.  This filter can also be easily replaced as part of normal maintenance to ensure that the water is the freshest, cleanest – and healthiest – water owners can give to their dogs.

Because it can also be used indoors, the Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain can be moved inside the home during the cold winter months, when water freezes.  Regardless of where it is placed, the clean lines and modern design of the Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain make it a delightful addition to any living space, blending seamlessly with any décor.

The Alfresco fountain has a weather resistant connection for outdoor operation in any kind of weather, and the 15 foot power cord allows the unit to be placed nearly anywhere.  For easy night visibility, the Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain is illuminated with an energy-efficient LED light.

The Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain is available at pet retailers nationwide.  For more information, call 1-800-225-2700.

Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp is a wholly owned US subsidiary of Rolf C. Hagen Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Founded in 1955, Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet products, food and supplies with facilities located throughout North America, Europe and Asia

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