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April 18, 2011

Cardinal Pet Care’s Remedy + Recovery Medicated Hot Spot Spray with Lidocaine Cools Down Hot Spots

AZUSA, Calif. Warm weather is here, and just as the flowers and trees are awakening from their winter slumber, so too are bugs.  Together with the fact that many dogs and their people spend more time outdoors in the spring and summer months, the chances of encountering skin irritants – and the potential for hot spots – are high.  Known as acute moist dermatitis, acral lick dermatitis or pyotraumatic dermatitis, hot spots are localized skin infections that can spread quickly, often causing dogs to scratch and lick the area until the skin is raw in an attempt to find relief from the resulting painful itching and discomfort.  Cardinal Pet Care’s Remedy + Recovery Medicated Hot Spot Spray with Lidocaine can help alleviate some of the itching associated with hot spots, while allowing the skin to begin to heal.

Hot spots are often caused by some sort of skin irritant, such as a bug bite or a minor cut or scratch, that begins to itch.  In many cases, these slight irritants are not enough to cause a hot spot alone, and nothing comes of them.  But sometimes when the dog scratches or licks in an attempt to relieve the itch, he further irritates the area, which becomes inflamed, raw and even itchier, causing him to scratch more and creating a vicious cycle of itching, scratching and licking.  If pet owners notice their dogs scratching or licking excessively or see a hot spot beginning to develop, quick action will prevent the situation from getting out of hand.  Gentle and effective Remedy + Recovery Medicated Hot Spot Spray with Lidocaine will help to relieve the itching, burning and discomfort of hot spots, which in turn reduces the dog’s scratching and licking and allows the area to heal.  It also helps to decrease swelling that often accompanies allergic reactions, bug bites and stings and other skin irritations.

If the hot spot is large and/or deep, looks infected or does not begin to heal within a few days, Cardinal Pet Care advises dog owners to contact a veterinarian for further treatment.

Based in Azusa, California, Cardinal Pet Care’s manufacturing (Cardinal Laboratories) and distribution center is a 100% solar-powered facility.  The 60-year-old pet product company is a pioneer in green technology, being the first privately held company to do so in the pet industry – and in its city – to manufacture products using solar energy exclusively.  Cardinal products, including the Remedy + Recovery line, are available at pet retailers nationwide.  For more information, contact Cardinal Pet Care at 800-433-7387 or visit

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