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Cool KONGs for Summer

May 25, 2011

Dogs Will Chill Out with the Aqua KONG and Original KONG 

GOLDEN, Colo. On a hot summer day, dogs enjoy a day at the beach or a jump in the pool followed by a relaxing cold treat just as much as their humans, and it’s easy to make a dog’s favorite toy, the KONG, a cool part of the warm weather fun.  Whether it’s water play with the floating Aqua KONG or stuffing and then freezing the classic red rubber toy, having KONGs in a beach bag or cooler will keep dogs entertained for hours.

Made from a lighter weight, all-natural rubber and to the same strict standards of other KONG products, the Aqua KONG is shaped like the famous classic red KONG, but with a special core that allows it to float high on the water. Instead of the familiar red color of the original KONG, the Aqua KONG is bright orange to aid in visibility, whether in a pool, a lake or on land.  It also has an attached 18” orange-and-white rope, so owners can throw the Aqua KONG into the water for fetching games or retriever training, or just to help keep their dogs cool on hot, steamy summer days.


For those hot days when a trip to the beach isn’t on the agenda, the original KONG can easily be turned into a warm weather treat by freezing it.  Just about anything that dog owners fill their KONGs with can be stuffed into a KONG for freezing.  Yogurt with fruit, peanut butter and bananas, canned dog food and KONG Stuff’n Paste are favorite fillings for a frozen KONG, which just takes a few hours to become a delicious and long lasting icy treat.  A KONG toy can even be turned into a “pup”-sicle by blocking the hole in the small end of the KONG with Stuff’n Paste, some peanut butter or a piece of cheese.  Slowly add water or chicken or beef broth, prop it upright in the freezer, and when it comes out, it will be a cold, refreshing canine treat!

The classic KONG is available in five sizes – Small, for dogs up to 20 pounds; Medium, 15-35 pounds; Large, 30-60 pounds; X-Large, 60-90 pounds; and XX-Large, 85 pounds and over, and has an MSRP of $6.99-$21.99.  The Aqua KONG comes in two sizes – Medium, for dogs 15-35 pounds; and Large, 30-65 pounds, with an MSRP of $7.99-$12.99.  For more information, contact the Kong Company at 303-216-2626,, or visit

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