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New Furrever Shampoos and Conditioners Help Keep Pets And The Planet Clean

June 3, 2011

Devoted to Pets, People and the Planet

Furrever Oatmeal Shampoo

AZUSA, Calif. – There’s a natural connection between loving a living creature like a dog or cat, and caring about the environment. Now there’s a line of shampoos that draws this connection together. The new Furrever Shampoos and Conditioners from Cardinal Pet Care were carefully formulated in an FDA licensed plant to keep pets’ coats looking soft, shinny and lustrous, while having a minimal impact on the environment.

Available in five varieties, Furrever Shampoos and Conditioners are made from natural, sustainable ingredients in Cardinal’s 100% solar-powered plant in Azusa, CA.  The shampoos and conditioners are formulated to sheet off dog coats faster, making bath time less stressful for pets and conserving water.

As a company “devoted to pets, people and the planet,” Cardinal is committed to reducing the impact of its packaging material on the environment. The company uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging material in the Furrever line.  The sale of Furrever products will also support the non-profit Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation, which promotes the values children learn from caring for their pets.

The attractive green packaging with vivid lifestyle photos of people and pets reflects the spirit behind Furrever Shampoos and Conditioners, forming an instant connection with the brand’s target market of active, environmentally aware and social pet lovers.  Projecting an image that is upscale as well as earth-friendly, the shampoos feature wrap around packaging, rather than separate front and back panels.

There are four shampoo-conditioner combinations in the Furrever line includes as well as one medicated shampoo. All of the products are made from natural, sustainable ingredients that thoroughly cleanse, yet are gentle on the skin and coat.  Each formula has a fresh, clean scent that lingers without overpowering:

  • Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner – brightens and highlights coats of all colors, bringing out their natural beauty.  The gentle formula contains Panthenol, Sage and Chamomile extracts, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, and leaves coats soft and fluffy.
  • Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner – softens and moisturizes the coat while soothing and relieving dry, itchy or sensitive skin.  The mild cleansing formula contains natural skin-comforting Colloidal Oatmeal/Avena Sativa kernel flour and Nettle extract, and Panthenol.
  • Puppy Dog Shampoo and Conditioner – this tearless, non-irritating, baby-scented formula is ideal for a puppy’s delicate skin and coat.  The ultra-gentle formula contains Chamomile flower extract and Aloe Vera to cleanse and protect.
  • Purely Clean Shampoo and Conditioner – cleans thoroughly and deeply, yet remains gentle on coats.  Contains soothing Sage Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera leaf juice, Vitamin E and Panthenol.
  • Medicated Dog Shampoo – an over-the-counter drug formula ideal for relieving paw fungus; itchy, irritated, dry skin; dandruff; dermatitis; scaling skin and body odor. Contains Chloroxylenol to kill fungus and mildew and Salicylic acid, which acts as an antiseptic and disinfectant to soften and shed outer skin.  It also contains Natural Chamomile and Aloe Vera to condition the coat.

Furrever Shampoos and Conditioners and Furrever Medicated Shampoo are available in 16-ounce bottles.  For more information, contact Cardinal Laboratories at 800-433-7387 or visit


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