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Colorful Catnip Fun!

June 21, 2011

KONG’s New Misfits and Tennis Ball Fish Cat Toys Give Cats More of What They Want

Delightfully eccentric Misfits contain KONG's premium North American catnip

GOLDEN, Colo. – It’s a well known fact that cats love toys with feathers, dangling cords and especially catnip, so when the KONG Company was designing new cat toys, it knew that adding one – or more – of those components to the design would make the toys irresistible.  So it is no coincidence that KONG’s two newest cat toys – Misfits and Tennis Ball Fish – feature these elements and others to delight and entertain cats of all ages.

Misfits are usually so named because they don’t fit in anywhere, but the new KONG Misfits will quickly find a home in your cat’s toy box!!  The delightfully eccentric Misfits are brightly-colored, fun and unusual soft-sculpture toys with a unique blend of textures and shapes that tempt cats to play.  Their long, braided and knotted limbs let cats claw, paw, carry and kick the toys, while the soft, snuggly body invites cuddling time.  Each Misfit toy contains a generous portion of KONG’s own premium North American-grown catnip that will entice even catnip-resistant cats to play.  Additionally, the mismatched color combinations and cheery, whimsical faces will appeal to cat owners who like hip and distinctive toys for their favorite felines.

KONG Tennis Ball Fish have enticing, feathery fins.

KONG’s new Tennis Ball Fish toys prove that tennis balls aren’t the exclusive toy domain of dogs.  Combined with faux fur and plumes of floaty feathers, the Tennis Ball Fish cat toy has found a winning combination cats will love!  At the center of this unique toy is a cat-sized tennis ball perfectly poised between a befeathered plush fish head and a plumy, marabou tail “fin” perfect for chasing, rolling and flinging for hours of activity.  Plus, like the KONG Misfits, the Tennis Ball Fish have plenty of KONG’s premium North American catnip for a complete sensory play experience. In pretty, vibrant pastel colors like green, purple and pink, these toys will appeal to the cat owners as much as they do to the cats.

KONG Misfits and KONG Tennis Ball Fish cat toys have MSRP’s of $5.99 and $4.99, respectively.  They are available online and at pet retailers nationwide.  For more information, contact the KONG Company at 303-216-2626 or visit

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