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New KONG Products Deliver What Dogs Like

September 1, 2011

GOLDEN, CO (For Immediate Release) – Quite simply, KONG knows dogs. That’s not surprising, since the company has been a leader in the interactive dog field since introducing its original (and still best-selling) KONG toy back in 1976. Flash forward 35 years and the tradition continues, as the KONG Company introduces Yogurt and Cream Cheese Stuff’n Spreads, Squeezz Toys, Cozie Toys and Funsters, four new products that appeal to four deeply rooted “fun instincts” in every pet canine:

  1. 1.      The desire to taste delicious treats
  2. 2.      The thrill of listening to squeaky sounds
  3. 3.      The excitement of fetching and splashing in water
  4. 4.      And after a hard day’s play, the need to snuggle up and relax


Yogurt Stuff'n Spread

For years, dog owners have been filling KONGs with dairy delights, so when it came time to add new flavors to the company’s line of Stuff’n Spreads, the choice was obvious – Yogurt and Cream Cheese!  With natural, human-grade ingredients like real milk and cream, cheese, yogurt and whey, plus added probiotics to aid in digestion, these oh-so-yummy new flavors don’t just taste good, they’re good for dogs, too!

In fact, Yogurt and Cream Cheese Stuff’n Spreads are so delicious; it’s not unheard of for dog lovers to sneak a taste, although KONG certainly hopes these folks leave enough for their dogs!  The new spreads are packaged in convenient 5-ounce tubes with long nozzles that make it quick and easy to fill KONG toys and get in all those nooks and crannies, giving dogs the ultimate in tasty goodness. KONG Stuff’n Spread retails for $4.99.

Squeezz Toys come in bright colors and fun shapes

When the need for squeak hits, KONG’s new jewel-toned Squeezz Toys will answer the call!  These chic looking toys have a uniquely designed recessed and protected squeaker, which produces a sound that’s music to a dog’s ears, capturing and holding his attention.  Squeezz Toys are made of a special thermo-elastic rubber material that’s designed to bounce in unpredictable, erratic ways to stimulate the chase drive in dogs and provide hours of pure canine joy.  KONG also makes sure that no dog is left out of this astonishing excitement by designing Squeezz Toys in six distinctive shapes – Ball, Stick, Bone, Football, Dumbbell and Ring – and an assortment of sizes.  Squeezz Toys retail from $4.99 to $11.99, depending on the size and shape of the toy.

Colors and shapes of Funsters

The new KONG Funsters are a must-take-along item when a trip to the dog park, a day at the beach or just a romp in the backyard is on the playtime agenda.  Wonderfully versatile year-round squeaking tumble toys that will turn even the most sedate dogs into fetch-loving action heroes, the brightly colored Funsters are made from tough, durable canvas with a securely attached yellow nylon rope that makes it easy for dog lovers to toss the toys for fetch games. Plus, Funsters are as much fun at sea as on land, since they float. Funsters are available in four shapes – Cylinder, Football, Ball and Double Cylinder – and two sizes, so regardless of the type or size of dog, canine thrills are just a toss away! KONG Funsters retail from $5.99 to $7.99.

Cozie Floppy the Bunny

Even the most energetic dogs get in laid back moods, and when they do, nothing beats the new KONG Cozie toys. Cute, squeaky and a little bit floppy, these toys are stuffed just enough to be soft and cuddly, too.  Cozies are made from cheerfully-colored super soft plush fabric with cute and whimsical embroidered expressions. Although they are not chew toys, Cozies have been designed to withstand some light chewing, thanks to the extra layer of durable nylon fabric inside each toy and a distinct protective pouch for the squeaker.  KONG Cozie toys are available in 10 adorable characters: Ali Alligator, Baily Puppy, Buster Koala Bear, Elmer Elephant, Floppy Bunny, King Lion, Marvin Moose, Rosie Rhino, Spunky Monkey and Tupper Lamb. KONG Cozie retails for $8.99.

For more information, contact Sandra Schlafer at KONG at (303) 216-2626, email or visit

Founded in 1976, the Golden, Colorado based KONG Company is a premier global manufacturer of interactive toys and other products for dogs and cats. The company’s namesake KONG Rubber Toy is widely regarded as the most recognized dog toy in the world. Other dog toys in the KONG line include the Wobbler and Wubba. The company also makes the Wubba for cats, Kong Cat Naturals and the Kickeroo, as well as E-collars and the Zoom Groom grooming tool for dogs and cats. Committed to innovation, the company continues to introduce unique, high quality dog and cat products.



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