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Get Pets Ready for Halloween with Tips and Training Advice from Cardinal Pet Care

September 29, 2011

Halloween is just one month away!  These tips from Cardinal Pet Care will help make it a fun and safe one for your pets.

Halloween costumes for pets must not obstruct the mouth or eyes.

AZUSA, CA—Tricks and treats might be the focus of Halloween, but to keep pets safe, a third T should be added to the equation—Training. At least that’s opinion of Cardinal Pet Care, a leading maker of training and behavioral modification products, such as Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Gourmet Dog Food and Omega Treats and Furrever Devoted Pet Shampoos and Conditioners. The company knows that Halloween activities can be frightening or confusing to a dog or cat, which can lead to negative behavior, putting pets’ safety at risk. To help well-adjusted pets join in on the Halloween fun, Cardinal Pet Care offers these tips:

  • Before festivities, a safe, quiet location where a pet can go to escape the noises or stay in if it becomes necessary must be established.
  • Healthy treats, such as Pet Botanics Omega Treats, are good to keep nearby and easily accessible so that dogs can be rewarded for good behavior.
  • Pets must be kept away from the door, especially if it will be opening and closing for party guests or trick-or-treaters.
  • All pets’ ID tags must be legible and up to date, which increases the likelihood of a safe return if they do manage to escape.
  • All candy and treats should be well out of a pet’s reach, before, during and after any Halloween activities.
  • A dog is best left at home for trick-or-treating but if he must come, the leash needs to be kept short and secure and controlled by an adult at all times. Also, dogs should stay away from unfamiliar houses since there may another pet inside, or the occupants may be allergic to, afraid of, or simply not fond of dogs.
  • Pranksters out on Halloween and the surrounding days may be attracted to a solitary pet, so keeping a pet inside after dark is best. Black cats are especially at risk, due to their cultural association with the holiday. If pets must be let out to relieve themselves, they should not be left unattended.

Avoid costumes with dangling pieces that can be chewed off and ingested.

These tips can help make sure pets remain safe during Halloween excitement, but costumes are becoming an important part of the holiday for many pets and can pose their own risks. If a dog has never worn a costume, he may be able to be trained to accept one over a period of time, through a process of slow introduction. A few days before Halloween, let him see and smell the costume, and slowly begin to put it on. If he seems to dislike it, try again later. Repeat the process as necessary, but stop if a dog does not allow more progress each time.


  • Proper fit is key. Costumes that are too big or too small restrict movement.
  • Dangling pieces can be chewed on, get caught on things, fall off, and be ingested, so they’re best avoided.
  • Costumes must not obstruct the mouth or eyes. If a pet cannot breathe or see normally, he may become nervous. Some pets are also sensitive around the ears.
  • Costumed critters should be monitored at all times to make sure they remain comfortable and safe.
  • Above all, dogs and cats must never be forced into a costume.

With these tips, dogs and cats can join in on the Halloween fun and still be safe!

Cardinal Pet Care is a solar powered company devoted to pets, people and the planet.  In addition to providing pets with the highest quality products, Cardinal is dedicated to the environmental directive of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible. Demonstrating its commitment to the environment, Cardinal has a solar-powered home office, warehouse and manufacturing facility inAzusa, CA. Cardinal is also proud to be the first company in its industry to use an eco-friendly compostable dog food bag made with Earth FirstPLAfilm.

For more information, contact Cardinal Pet Care at 1-800-433-7387, or visit More details are also available on Cardinal Pet Care’s Facebook Page


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