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Hide and Seek! Exo Terra’s Rock Outcrops Are the Perfect Hiding Place for Reptiles

September 30, 2011

Exo Terra's Rock Outcrops help reptiles feel safe and secure

MANSFIELD, Mass. – The life of a reptile in a terrarium is generally a good one – they don’t really have to go hunting for food, fresh, clean water is always available and the environment is carefully climate-controlled, preventing extremes of temperature and humidity.  But even the most contented reptile needs a place to go when he’s feeling stressed and wants to be alone.

Exo Terra’s Rock Outcrop from the Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. offers a perfect hiding place for a stressed snake or an anxious gecko.  With multiple entrances, reptiles can feel safe and secure within the Rock Outcrop, reducing stress and making for a happier pet.  The realistic faux-rock finish enables it to blend in to any habitat and creates a 3-dimensional terrarium, adding a more realistic and natural beauty to the terrarium’s flora.  The vertical orientation also maximizes space and creates a basking area closer to the top screen of the terrarium, allowing reptiles to get closer to spot lamps and UV bulbs.

The Rock Outcrop comes in three sizes, to fit any size terrarium – small, 7” x 5.3” x 6.2”; medium, 9.5” x 5.5” x 8.5”; and large 12.4” x 7.5” x 10.2”.  Exo Terra products are available at pet supply stores nationwide.  For more information, visit

Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp is a wholly owned US subsidiary of Rolf C. Hagen Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Founded in 1955, Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet products, food and supplies with facilities located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.



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