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Smart Gift Ideas For Pets This Holiday Season

October 4, 2011

Want a smarter pet in 2012?  Make sure one of these toys is in his or her stocking!

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.– Make no bones about it, pet gifts have gotten smart this holiday season.  From problem solving puzzles to food maze, the most popular toys this year have been designed to stimulate the canine and feline mind during playtime. Here’s a list of some of the new brain-building toys that will not only entertain pets, but also make them smarter in 2012:

CatIt Design Senses Food Maze

Hagen CatIt Design Senses Food Maze – It may look like an overgrown treat ball on a stand, but the Food Maze complements feline intelligence by calling on a cat’s considerable problem-solving skills.  The Food Maze is an entertaining and challenging tower with openings all around that force the cat to figure out how to move treats or dry food down through the tower by pawing at it through the openings until it drops down into the food tray at the bottom.  With varying levels of difficulty, the Food Maze compels cats to use their senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell to work the food or treats into the food tray, and when it finally reaches the bottom, they can use their fifth sense – taste – to savor their reward.  The Food Maze is also a helpful feeding tool for overweight felines or those who tend to eat their food too quickly, forcing them to slow down the rate at which they eat, resulting in longer meal times and reducing the amount of food that is eaten.  MSRP $23.99.

Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone

SPOT Seek-A-Treat Toys – Designed to help a dog focus his mind on a single task, Seek-A-Treat toys direct some of a dog’s excess energy toward indulging his or her wild side.  Each toy has covered wells, which the dog must move aside to gain access to the treats inside.  The search-and-reward activity stimulates a dog’s problem-solving and hunting instincts, and rewards him for positive behavior.  The toys are made from high-quality, natural wood and have MSRPs of $15.00.

KONG Cat Wobbler

KONG Wobbler for Dogs and Cats– These toys have hollow tops and weighted bottoms that separate so a dog or cat’s favorite treats or kibble can be placed in the hollow top. After that, it’s up to the pet to figure out how to get at the food inside!  KONG Wobblers can be pushed, flipped, rolled over, knocked down, or just about anything else and they’ll stand right back up and wobble from side to side.  The Wobbler is also a great for overweight or inactive dogs and cats or those who eat their meals too quickly – it forces them to slow down, which aids in digestion and helps prevent weight gain, as

KONG Wobbler for Dogs

well as gets them to be more active.  The KONG Wobbler for Dogs is red and comes in two sizes – Small, for dogs under 25 pounds, and Large, for dogs over 25 pounds – and the KONG Wobbler for Cats has a solid purple bottom and translucent purple top, with a catnip-filled furry tail on the top.  MRSP $14.99 to $19.99.

SPOT Kitty Fast Track

SPOT Kitty Fast Track– The perfect solution to cat boredom, the Kitty Fast Track can be configured in an infinite number of ways, creating a variety of challenges for cats of any age.  The tubes are slightly curved so that the track will never lay completely flat, which enhances the rolling ability of the included ball, keeping it in perpetual motion as a cat pokes and chases the ball through the tubes, enticing the cat to play more.  For even more fun, two or more Kitty Fast Track sets can be combined to make larger tracks and offer even more configuration options.  For nighttime play, or to add a little sparkle to daytime fun, SPOT’s flashing LED Motion Activated Cat Ball can be added to the Kitty Fast Track.  MSRP $17.99.

For more information on the CatIt Design Senses enrichment play center, contact the Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. at, or call 1-800-225-2700; for Seek-A-Treat and Kitty Fast Track, contact SPOT at or call 1-800-223-7768; for the Wobblers, contact the KONG Company at 303-216-2626 or visit


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