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Fresh, Clean and Green

October 31, 2011

Small Pets “Go Green” (and Pink, Purple and Gray) With Sunseed’s Fresh World Bedding

Fresh World Bedding comes in three colors: Pink, Purple and Gray

BOWLING GREEN, OhioAmericans buy 62 million newspapers every day, and 44 million of them are thrown away, meaning 70 percent of all newspapers end up in landfills across the country.  But Vitakraft Sunseed is taking some of those unwanted newspapers – and magazines – and turning them into Fresh World Bedding, a colorful, non-toxic and absorbent bedding for small animals with greater odor-control.

Fresh World Bedding makes it easy to “go green” while caring for small pets.  It starts out as recycled newspapers and magazines that have been machine and hand-sorted, thoroughly cleaned and heat-treated, producing a clean, finished product that is turned into an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable pet bedding that really works.  It is also better at what it does than similar products – independent lab tests confirm that Fresh World Bedding is more absorbent and better at odor control than other leading brands.   

The secret to Fresh World Bedding’s exceptional odor control is in its density, superior absorbency and baking soda.  The paper pellets are denser than other leading brands, which makes it extra absorbent and better at controlling moisture and odor.  Fresh World also adds baking soda to the bedding, which is famous for its naturally superior odor control.  Additionally, Fresh World Bedding is easy to clean – simply remove soiled bedding weekly and replace with fresh bedding.

The paper used for Fresh World Bedding comes from the PaperGator program, a unique Michigan-based fundraiser where non-profit organizations, mostly churches and schools, are paid to collect newspapers and magazines for recycling.  Since 2006, PaperGator has grown to over 470 locations in Michigan and Indiana and has paid out $800,000 to non-profits.  Additionally, recycling of the paper materials saves landfill space and trees – each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees from being harvested and three cubic yards of space in a landfill – and provides a great source for high-quality bedding material.

Michigan-made Fresh World Bedding uses vibrant, non-toxic colorants, is low-dust and free of phenols and aromatic oils such as those found in cedar and pine shavings that can be harmful to the respiratory systems of sensitive animals.  Additionally, the colorants used in Fresh World Bedding are colorfast – they won’t rub off and won’t stain pets or people!

Sunseed Fresh World Bedding is available in three colors – pink, purple and gray – and three sizes, 450 cu. in., 975 cu. in. and 2130 cu. in., with an MSRP of $4.39 to $24.09.  Sunseed products are available at pet retailers nationwide. For more information, contact Vitakraft Sunseed at 419-832-1641 or visit

For more information on the PaperGator program, visit

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