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Cardinal Laboratories* Honored for Supporting Local Programs that Exemplify the Values of the Crazy Pet® “Back Bones of Character” Program

November 16, 2011

“Cool Kutz for Kids” and Azusa City Library’s “One World, Many Stories” Reading Program Help Build “Back Bones of Character” in Children

AZUSA, Calif. Since developing its Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation in 2009, Cardinal Pet Care has been dedicated to supporting non-profit programs that instill in children the qualities outlined in its Back Bones of Character™ program:  Be Caring, Contribute, Have Courage, Be Dependable, Be Fair and Have Respect – the character-building values children learn from caring for the family pet.

Recently, Cardinal was honored for sponsoring two programs that exemplify the “Back Bone” values and encourage them in children: the Azusa City Library’s “One World, Many Stories” summer reading program and the city of Azusa’s “Cool Kutz for Kids” back-to-school haircut program.  The city ofAzusa, The California State Senate, and the California Assembly all presented Cardinal with special certificates thanking the company for its sponsorship of the programs.

Summer reading programs for children began in libraries across the country over 50 years ago, and this year’s theme, “One World, Many Stories” shows children that everyone, regardless of where they come from, has a story to tell.  The lessons in the “One World, Many Stories” theme included reading about caring for animals of different countries. It’s through learning how to care for animals, specifically the family pets, that children learn the “Back Bones of Character,” values that will support them and last them a lifetime.

Every child deserves to look nice and feel confident when going back to school. Thanks in part to Cardinal,Azusa’s third annual “Cool Kutz for Kids” event was a huge success.  The program provided free professional haircuts from local stylists and barbers to nearly 300 school-aged boys and girls.  In addition to helping them look and feel good, it demonstrates to children that people care for them and respect them, two of the Back Bones of Character.  Cardinal further helped the kids get ready for school by presenting them with school supplies with pet themes.

Cardinal is a solar powered company “Devoted to Pets, People and the Planet.”  In addition to providing pets with the highest quality health care, food and treats, Cardinal is proud to be currently reducing its carbon footprint by over 28 tons a month. Cardinal’s solar-powered corporate offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities are located inAzusa,CA.

For more information, visit the *Cardinal Laboratories, aka Cardinal Pet Care website at or call 1-800-433-7387.   More information is also available on the Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation website at

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