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Safety Fetch

November 17, 2011

KONG’s New Safestix are Even More Fun than Real Sticks!

Safestix are bendable and flexible, and a whole lot of fun for dogs and their owners.

GOLDEN, Colo. The classic game of fetch played with a real wood stick seems innocent enough, but each year many dogs are injured playing fetch with sticks and branches picked up from the ground.  But because the love dogs have of playing with sticks is so inherently natural, KONG today announces its new Safestix toys – designed to be even better than the real thing. This new toy makes this favorite activity safer and a lot more enjoyable for both dogs and their owners.

KONG wants dogs to be safe and enjoy their time playing fetch. Safestix live up to their name by helping to prevent injuries that often occur with wood sticks, such as those to the mouth, which are generally caused by pieces of the stick that break off and get lodged in the soft tissues between the teeth.  Injuries to the eyes and nose are also common, as are internal injuries caused by inhaling or ingesting small pieces of the stick or bark. The long, bendable, flexible Safestix are made from one continuous piece of thermoplastic rubber, so there are no parts that can break off, and the round knobs on the ends provide an additional safety feature while also giving dog owners a good grip for games of fetch and tug.

With Safestix, dog owners can feel good about their canines chewing on the toy – the durable Safestix material provides dogs with a grippable surface with a twisted texture they can sink their teeth into, giving Safestix an enjoyable mouthfeel that bounces back for more fun. 

An ideal year-round toy, the bright, vibrant colors of turquoise, lime green and magenta make Safestix easy to spot in any environment – from the green grass of summer to the white snow of winter – and because they’re made for use indoors as well as outdoors, Safestix are a great way to expend pent up energy that accompanies the cold winter months.  But when the warm weather returns, don’t forget to take Safestix to the beach – they float, making them a fun, safe and colorful water-retrieving toy.

Safestix are available in three sizes – small, 16” long; medium, 24” long; and large, 31.5” long – to accommodate all sizes and breeds of dogs.  They’re available at pet retailers nationwide.  For more information, contact Sandra Schlafer at KONG at (303) 216-2626, email or visit

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Founded in 1976, the Golden, Colorado based KONG Company is a premier global manufacturer of interactive toys and other products for dogs and cats. The company’s namesake KONG Rubber Toy is widely regarded as the most recognized dog toy in the world. Other dog toys in the KONG line include the Wobbler and Wubba. The company also makes the Wubba for cats, Kong Cat Naturals and the Kickeroo, as well as E-collars and the Zoom Groom grooming tool for dogs and cats. Committed to innovation, the company continues to introduce unique, high quality dog and cat products.


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  1. November 17, 2011 10:18 am

    those look pretty darned interesting! Will have to check them out!

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