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America’s Pets Are Going Red, White and Blue For The Holidays

December 5, 2011

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – (For Immediate Release) – It may be hard to find Made-In-The USA home electronics products this holiday season, but pet lovers should have no problem buying American when it comes to selecting gifts for their dogs, cats and other critters. American manufacturers have come up with a variety of products to amuse and pamper our nation’s nearly 220 million pets this holiday season and throughout 2012 – all while helping to provide jobs for their human companions. Here’s a brief rundown:

KONG Genius – Made by the Golden, Colorado based KONG Company these toys interlocking canine IQ toys are designed to boost a dog’s problem-solving skills (or “Yankee Ingenuity”). Although they’re named after Italian Renaissance figures Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, these unique toys are as American as apple pie. For photos and more information: and

Original KONG Classic – Like the Ford Mustang, this bright red rubber dog toy with the hollow middle is an American classic that’s known throughout the world. It’s been one of the most popular dog toys anywhere for over 25 years.

KONG Kitty Wobbler – A treat-dispensing toy that resembles an oversized Weeble, this interactive USA-made toy appeals to the problem-solving skills of cats and makes them work for their treats. When swatted it moves in unique and unpredictable ways, kind of in keeping with the American spirit.

Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding – Soft and absorbent, this bedding for small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters and mice, is made in Bowling Green, Ohio from recycled newspapers and magazines and is recyclable itself.

Furrever Devoted Shampoos and Conditioners – This sulfate-free line is available in five formulas, including soothing Oatmeal and tear-free Puppy.  It’s made in a solar powered facility in Azusa, California.

For more information on Fresh World Bedding, contact Vitakraft Sunseed at 419-832-1641 or visit; for Furrever Devoted shampoos and conditioners, contact Cardinal Laboratories at 800-433-7387 or visit; for the Kitty Wobbler, Classic KONG and KONG Genius toys, contact the KONG Company at 303-216-2626 or visit

Photo illustration by DigitalArt


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