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A Cozy Place of Their Own

December 22, 2011

Hagen’s New Living World Deluxe Habitats Provide Small Animals and Ferrets with Spacious, Safe and Comfortable Housing

The Living World Deluxe Habitat for Small Animals has a gracefully-arching split top that opens in two sections for easy access.

MANSFIELD, Mass. When thinking about a small animal such as a guinea pig, ferret, rabbit or chinchilla for a pet, the first consideration must be for its housing.  Unlike dogs or cats who are generally given free reign of the house, a small animal needs to be confined to a cage or enclosure, which must be large enough to suit the physical needs of the animal, secure enough to prevent escapes, and attractive enough to be at home in any room of the house.  The Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. has designed its Living World Deluxe Habitats to fulfill all of these requirements and more – not only are they safe, comfortable and attractive homes for small pets in beautifully neutral white, gray and deep red, they are also easy to assemble and their design makes maintenance a snap.

The elegant color combination of Living World Deluxe Habitat for Small Animals may make it an attractive choice because of its neutrality that complements any décor, but the durable and stable construction make it attractive for another reason – the Habitat’s design allows for maximum ventilation while keeping shavings, substrate and the animals securely inside the cage.   The gracefully arching dark red wire top opens easily in two separate parts for easy access and the white wire sides have a door at the front that provides additional accessibility. Eight easy-to-use clips firmly hold the wire frame to the deep, gray plastic base and literally make assembly a snap – the cage can be put together in minutes without tools, and is easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

Small animals such as guinea pigs, chinchillas and rabbits will be comfortable and safe in the Living World Deluxe Habitat for Small Animals, and it comes with accessories that make it feel more like a home than a cage.  The balcony turns the Habitat into a bi-level luxury apartment, and provides the perfect lookout perch to keep an eye on the goings-on in the house.  It also serves as a dining spot, with a tip-proof food dish that attaches securely to the balcony, preventing the spillage of contents and helping to keep the cage cleaner.  Because small animals need small, enclosed spaces to feel secure, the balcony was designed with walls that create a private space beneath, providing a perfect spot for a quiet hideaway or an afternoon nap.  The Habitat also comes with a drip-proof water bottle that helps to keep the substrate dry and a hay guard that holds a generous amount of timothy hay or other hays appropriate for the animals.  Both are located on the outside of the cage, which allows for extra space inside and also simplifies refills and cleaning.

The Living World Deluxe Ferret Habitat has a hammock that provides a great hangout or people-watching spot.

Designed just for the needs of ferrets, the Living World Deluxe Habitat for Ferrets has the same type of deep plastic base and wire frame for security and ventilation as the Small Animal Habitat, but it has more of a cube shape to accommodate the adorably popular weasels. The Habitat for Ferrets has a flat roof that opens fully, giving pet owners wide access to their ferrets, as well as a large front door for additional access.  The habitat for Ferrets also comes with a balcony, tip-proof food dish and water bottle, designed to keep food and water spillage at a minimum.  Additionally, the Ferret habitat has a hammock that can be suspended from the roof of the cage, providing the ferret with a comfortable lounging or sleeping spot or a cool place to hang out and keep an eye on his humans.

The Living World Deluxe Habitat for Small Animals is 46.9″ x 22.8″ x 24″ (119 x 58 x 61).  MSRP is $129.99.  It is also available in Standard, 30.7” x 18.9” x 19.7” (78 x 48 x 50 cm) for $96.99, and Large, 37.8” in x 22.4” x 22” (96 x 57 x 56 cm) for $124.99.  The Living World Deluxe Habitat for Ferrets is 30.7” x 18.9” x 27.6” (78 x 48 x 70.1 cm) and the MSRP is $174.99.  They are available online and at pet retailers nationwide.  For more information visit, or contact the Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. at 1-800-225-2700.



Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rolf C. Hagen Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Founded in 1955, Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet products, pet food and pet supplies with facilities located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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