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Steadfast Dedication

March 20, 2012

“Devoted to Pets, People and the Planet” is a Way of Life for Cardinal Pet Care

The Pet Botanics brand includes Healthy Omega Gourmet Dog Food, Omega Treats, Training Reward Treats and Dog Food Rolls.

AZUSA, Calif., March 19, 2012 (For Immediate Release) – Cardinal Pet Care is more than just a corporation that manufactures great pet products to enhance the well-being of pets through all life stages, it is also a company with a serious commitment to pets, people and the planet that influences every facet of its business and product development.

Even before Cardinal Pet Care went “off the grid” in 2009 by switching to solar power to operate its corporate offices, manufacturing plant and distribution facility, the company’s dedication to eco-conscious living was apparent.  Cardinal’s use of natural and sustainable ingredients in its dog treats, food and grooming products and recyclable – and even compostable – packaging shows its commitment to the health and well-being of pets and the planet.  Cardinal’s corporate philosophy is “Devoted to Pets, People and the Planet,” and each day the company works to provide pets and pet owners with quality products while maintaining its dedication to its employees and the environment:

The Furrever Devoted family includes shampoo and conditioner combinations for all types of coats.

Devoted to Pets:  For pets, Cardinal provides products across six brands that enhance health and well-being throughout all stages of a pet’s life.  With a variety of treats and training rewards, plus shampoos and grooming products, Cardinal cares for pets inside and out:

  • Pet Botanics – All-natural products designed to help keep your dog healthy and looking good.  Includes the iconic Omega Treats and new Healthy Omega Gourmet Dog Food, as well as Training Reward Treats, Dog Food Rolls, shampoos, crème rinse and health products such as Herbal Ear Cleaner and Breath Spray.
  • Furrever Devoted – Cardinal’s newest brand features 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner formulas made from natural, sustainable ingredients packaged in recyclable bottles.  The sale of Furrever Devoted products supports the Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation, which promotes the values children learn from caring for their pets.

Viva La Dog Spa featues spa-quality products in fun, French-themed packaging.

  • Viva La Dog Spa – Sophisticated, glamorous and eco-friendly, Viva La Dog Spa grooming products bring head-to-toe French-themed luxury to dogs, reminiscent of the famous New York dog spas of the 1950s like Poodletown, where Princess Grace and Elizabeth Taylor sent their pets in chauffeur-driven limousines for a day of pampering.
  • Remedy & Recovery – Offering gentle yet effective relief from minor skin irritations and the itching that often accompanies them, Remedy & Recovery includes Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder for Dogs, Hydrocortisone Lotion, Medicated Shampoo, Medicated Antiseptic Spray and Medicated Hot Spot Spray with Lidocaine, as well as fully-adjustable E-collars.
  • Crazy Pet – With its colorful, fun cartoon characters headed by Crazy Dog, this brand features grooming products and Train Me training treats aimed mostly at children.  Also included in the line are DVD’s and books that teach children the Back Bones of Character, values that will support them and last a lifetime.
  • Gold Medal Pets – These revolutionary shampoo formulas are made with Cardoplex, a proprietary trade secret that creates a sheeting action, making it wash, rinse and dry faster than ordinary dog shampoos. Many professional dog groomers use Gold Medal Pets because it’s tough on dirt and odors, yet leaves the dog’s coat soft, silky and fragrant. The brand also includes conditioners and grooming sprays.

Remedy & Recovery is like your pet's first aid kit, with products for cuts and wounds to ear mites and diarrhea.

Devoted to People:  Cardinal has this variety of products because it knows the people who take care of the pets want to give them the best of everything, from food to grooming.  The company knows that many pet owners don’t just see their pets as animals, but as members of the family and as such, pet owners want to pamper and spoil their pets, much as they would human children.  Cardinal makes its products for pets and their caregivers in its Azusa, California manufacturing facility, which employs dozens of people, enabling the company to offer its customers some of the best pet products on the market, improving the lives of its employees, customers, their pets and the planet.

Crazy Dog's Train Me Treats come in three great flavors, and two sizes - regular and mini, for small dogs and puppies.

Devoted to the Planet:  Cardinal’s dedication to the environment isn’t just lip service – the company does its best each day to reduce its carbon footprint by using sustainable ingredients in its products, recyclable packaging and operating its facilities with solar power.  Its Azusa facility is the first manufacturing and distribution center in the pet industry to be powered by the sun, and all of the energy Cardinal needs to run their production lines, lights, air conditioning, office equipment and everything else is provided by the solar power collection system.  But this eco-consciousness doesn’t just include the buildings – it extends to Cardinal’s products, as well.  One of the company’s newest products, Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Gourmet Dry Dog Food, is packaged in a bag made from Earth First PLA, a special type of plastic film made from natural sources like corn, sugar beets, sugar cane and switchgrass that breaks down completely, allowing it to be composted.

For more information, contact Cardinal Pet Care at 1-800-433-7387, or visit More details are also available on the Cardinal Pet Care Facebook page.



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