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Fantastic Feline Fun!

March 21, 2012

KONG’s New Cat Toys Provide Cats – and Owners – with Hours of Fun

GOLDEN, Colo., March 21, 2012 (For Immediate Release) – Continuing its expansion into the cat market, KONG is introducing three new cat toys – Kitty Dipper, Denim Toys and KONG Laser Toy – just in time for spring fun.  Millions of dog owners have relied upon KONG to provide their dogs with high-quality, durable and fun toys for all breeds and life stages, and these new additions to the cat products line are sure to attract customers looking for the latest in cat toys that will bring out the playfulness in cats and kittens of all ages.

The Kitty Dipper is a 3-in-1 toy: a treat cup, a treat dispenser and a wobbling toy.

Kitty Dipper

KONG’s new Kitty Dipper gives an indoor cat the opportunity to release her inner tigress!  The unique conical shape allows the toy to stand upright, so the cat can dip her paw into the cup and retrieve treats.  The innovative design of the cup and cap also turns the Kitty Dipper into a treat dispenser, when the two are aligned to reveal the side opening that allows treats to fall out of the toy as it is tipped over and rolled.  Additionally, the Kitty Dipper can be turned into a wobbling toy simply by putting the cap on the bottom of the toy.  It’s ideal for use with all types of cat treats, including crunchy, semi-moist and pastes like KONG’s own Stuff’n Salmon Easy Treat, as well as canned cat food, kibble and tuna.  A word of caution:  When using the toy as a treat dispenser, cat owners should make sure the treats fit through the toy’s opening before giving the Dipper to their cat to avoid feline frustration!  


Denim Toys are as soft and comfortable as an old pair of jeans, with the added bonus of KONG's Premium North American Catnip.

Denim Toys

An old, broken-in, well-worn pair of jeans is one of the most comfortable clothing items a human can wear, and now KONG is bringing that comfort and softness to cats, with the new Denim Toys line.  Looking like they were made from an old favorite pair of jeans, the Denim Toys have frayed edges and the gradations in color that comes with multiple washings, with all the durability of denim.  Cats will love the softness and cuddle-ability of the Denim Toys, and to enhance attraction, KONG has added generous helpings of its Premium North American Catnip to each toy.  KONG’s Denim Toys are available in Denim Mice with Feather Tails, Denim Snails and Denim Rings, all of which come two to a package.  The line also includes a Denim Ball with Feathers and a Denim Kickeroo, complete with fuzzy tail and a pocket that resembles the back pocket on a pair of jeans, perfect for stuffing a little extra catnip for kitties that have been extra good!

Cats will love trying to catch the red dot with the new KONG-shaped Laser Toy.

KONG Laser Toy

Cats are natural predators and they love chasing light beams – just watch what happens when the sun reflects off the crystal on a watch or a metal object.  The KONG Laser Toy plays on the cat’s desire to pounce, chase, stalk, jump and leap upon bright dots of light and provides domesticated felines with physical activity and exercise, which can help fight the growing epidemic of obesity in pets.  Additionally, the KONG Laser Toy is an interactive toy that enables the owner to play with the cat, helping to strengthen the bond between cat and owner.  The special KONG shape of the KONG Laser Toy also makes it more comfortable in the hand and easier for the cat owner to hold than the traditional mini-flashlight shape of laser toys, which may result in longer play sessions.  The KONG Laser Toy comes with batteries, so it’s ready for fun right out of the package, and a convenient key ring/clip keeps it handy when not in use.

The KONG Kitty Dipper measures 4.13” x 2.75” x 2.75”, is packaged with a 2.5 ounce tube of KONG’s Stuff’n Salmon Easy Treat and has an MSRP of $15.99.  The KONG Denim Toys have an MSRP of $3.99-$9.99, and the KONG Laser Toy has an MSRP of $5.99 – $6.49.  They are available online and at pet retailers nationwide.

For more information, contact Sandra Schlafer at KONG at (303) 216-2626, email or visit

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Founded in 1976, the Golden, Colorado based KONG Company is a premier global manufacturer of interactive toys and other products for dogs and cats. The company’s namesake KONG Rubber Toy is widely regarded as the most recognized dog toy in the world. Other dog toys in the KONG line include the Wobbler and Wubba. The company also makes the Wubba for cats, Kong Cat Naturals and the Kickeroo, as well as E-collars and the Zoom Groom grooming tool for dogs and cats. Committed to innovation, the company continues to introduce unique, high quality dog and cat products.



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