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Terrific Trio

March 21, 2012

New KONG Products for Dogs Provide Essentials for Health, Play and Grooming

GOLDEN, Colo. (For Immediate Release) – Since the introduction of the original KONG toy back in 1976, the KONG Company has led the way with innovative, useful and fun dog toys and products that enrich the lives dogs of all ages and sizes.  The company is introducing a diverse mix of products this spring that are designed to meet the health, play and grooming needs of dogs and their owners.  The new product introductions include: KONG Traxx toys that bring a new dimension to canine playtime; Small ZoomGroom groomer/brush that can turn even the staunchest “groomaphobes” into brush-loving babies; and EZ Clear collars that help make healing from surgery or wounds more comfortable.


KONG Traxx are mini monster truck-like tires with plenty of nooks and crannies perfect for treats and KONG Stuff'n.

KONG Traxx

KONG has taken the tough, durable rubber used in its Extreme KONG toys and molded it into a fun, new shape – new KONG Traxx toys, sturdy and strong “monster truck” style toys ideal for aggressive chewers of all sizes.  And just like the original KONG and Extreme KONG, there’s plenty of room inside for treats!  The round toy looks just like a monster truck tire done in miniature, complete with molded KONG branding on the sides and a unique checkerboard tread on the “road” surface.  The inner rim of each Traxx toy has been left hollow and has a unique treat-gripping design perfect for holding a dog’s favorite treats, such as KONG’s own Stuff’n Easy Treat, Peanut Butter and Liver Snacks, Ziggies, Goldies, Real Peanut Butter or Spreads.  But they’re not just for treats – like the red rubber KONG, the extreme rubber bounces unpredictably for wild, fun fetching games, and the round tire shape of Traxx adds a new dimension – rolling!  Traxx toys bounce AND roll, for a truly unique and interesting option for days at the dog park, afternoons in the back yard or a romp on the beach.

KONG's Small ZoomGroom is perfectly sized for small-breed dogs and puppies.

Small ZoomGroom

The original ZoomGroom has been used on dogs of all sizes for years with great success, but now there is a smaller version made just for puppies and small dogs.  The Small ZoomGroom has all the great features of its larger cousin and is just as effective in grooming, bathing and reducing shedding, but in a size more appropriate and manageable for smaller dogs.  The pliant ZoomGroom bends to follow the contours of a dog’s body and its 3/4” long conical rubber teeth reach down through even the longest coats, massaging and stimulating circulation and removing loose hair, dead skin and dander. Plus, the unique, rippled “dog” shape of the ZoomGroom is comfortable in either the right or left hand and offers a secure grip for dog owners.  Many dogs who won’t sit still for a brushing will thoroughly enjoy a session with the ZoomGroom, because they love the way it feels more like a massage than a tugging and pulling of their coats as with many conventional, steel- or nylon-bristled brushes.


KONG's EZ-Clear e-collars are adjustable for maximum comfort and a customized fit.

EZ Clear Collars

Wearing an E-collar can be cumbersome and uncomfortable for pets who are recovering from wounds or surgery, yet it’s necessary to prevent pets from accessing the wound and delaying healing or causing more injury.  KONG’s new EZ Clear collars are designed to make healing time as comfortable as possible for dogs and cats.  Unlike other E-collars made from thick, opaque plastic, EZ Clear collars are made of a flexible, semi-transparent plastic that does not limit peripheral vision, allowing pets to see their surroundings, and because the collar is flexible, it is much more comfortable for the pet to wear, especially when sleeping or lying down.  Further adding to the comfort is the soft-padded neckline that helps prevent rubbing and won’t catch and pull at the fur on the pet’s neck.  EZ Clear collars are fully adjustable and come with color-coded Velcro closures for a customized fit.  They’re available in five sizes to accommodate cats and dogs of all sizes, from tiny Chihuahuas to Great Danes.

KONG’s EZ Clear Collars come in five sizes – Small, neck size 6.5” to 8”; Medium, 7.5” to 10”; Large, 10” to 13”; X-Large, 13” to 16”; and XX-Large, 16” to 21”, and have an MSRP of $11.99 to $25.99.  KONG Traxx toys come in two sizes – Small, approximately 3.5” in diameter, for small to medium-sized dogs; and Medium/Large, about 4.5” in diameter for medium to large dogs, with an MSRP of $11.99 to $17.99.  KONG’s Small ZoomGroom is available in either Boysenberry (blue) or Raspberry (dark pink), and has an MSRP of $7.99.  All are available online or at pet retailers nationwide.

For more information, contact Sandra Schlafer at KONG at (303) 216-2626, email or visit

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Founded in 1976, the Golden, Colorado based KONG Company is a premier global manufacturer of interactive toys and other products for dogs and cats. The company’s namesake KONG Rubber Toy is widely regarded as the most recognized dog toy in the world. Other dog toys in the KONG line include the Wobbler and Wubba. The company also makes the Wubba for cats, Kong Cat Naturals and the Kickeroo, as well as E-collars and the Zoom Groom grooming tool for dogs and cats. Committed to innovation, the company continues to introduce unique, high quality dog and cat products.


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