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A Clear View of Goodness

March 28, 2012

Cardinal’s Crazy Pet Crazy Dog Train Me Treats’ New Packaging Lets Customers See the Treats Inside

Crazy Dog Train Me Treats have a new package with a window that lets customers see the meaty goodness of the delectable morsels.

AZUSA, Calif. – The next time dog owners go to the store to pick up a package of Cardinal Pet Care’s Crazy Pet’s Crazy Dog Train Me Treats, they may notice something just a bit different – the bright and colorful bags have been redesigned to include a clear-view window on the front, enabling customers to see all the delectable goodness of the tiny morsels inside!  But dog owners have no need to worry – Train Me Treats are still the same delicious little treats with which dogs love to be trained.

When redesigning the Train Me Treats package, Cardinal followed the lead from another of the company’s products, Pet Botanics Omega Treats, by putting a clear-view window on the front of the package.  With this packaging feature, customers can easily see that Train Me Treats are an ideal size for the repetitiveness of training, which is an important consideration when purchasing training treats.  Despite the addition of the clear-view window, the new package retains the same bold, bright graphics and the colorful cartoon characters as the original, making it easily identifiable as Crazy Dog Train Me Treats.   

Because they are food-driven creatures, rewarding dogs with a treat after successfully completing a command will help to reinforce it, especially if the treat contains meat.  That’s why the first ingredient in Train Me Treats is real meat – it gives the treats the rich flavor and meaty aroma that only real meat can provide.  The smell and taste of Train Me Treats triggers the instinctual canine response to food, which encourages him to do well and boosts his confidence, which helps him to better learn the command.

Crazy Pet Crazy Dog Train Me Treats are available in four flavors – Bacon, Chicken, Beef and Liver – and they now come in two sizes – Regular, 1-calorie morsels ideal for all dogs; and Mini, 1/2 calorie morsels perfect for puppies and small-breed dogs, or any dog that needs more repetitive training.

Crazy Pet is a proud part of Cardinal Pet Care, whose goal is to leave no carbon footprint behind.  The 60-year-old company replaced a variety of power-drawing fixtures with energy-efficient alternatives.  It also replaced the building’s skylights with prismatic units, added sensors that turn off lights when an area is vacated, and installed a “white roof” with 320 American-made solar panels covering 5,440 square feet of roof space.  These changes have reduced the energy load so significantly that Cardinal was able to install air conditioning in the factory and actually gives power back to the city of Azusa.

For more information, contact Cardinal Laboratories at 800-433-7387 or visit


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