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Hagen’s Redesigned Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium Featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America”

March 29, 2012

Exo Terra's redesigned Turtle Terrarium features a stylish bent-glass front. It is available in three sizes.

MANSFIELD, Mass., March 28, 2012 (For Immediate Release) – The Rolf C. Hagen Corp. was in the spotlight this morning as its newly redesigned Turtle Terrarium was featured in Dr. Marty Becker’s pet products segment on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” which is seen by approximately 4.7 million viewers daily.  Dr. Becker brought several new products that were recently revealed at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida to present to viewers, which included the Turtle Terrarium.

When it was first introduced, Exo Terra’s Turtle Terrarium was one of the first all-glass terrariums designed specifically for the housing needs of turtles, taking into consideration the specialized care necessary to keep a turtle happy and healthy. Hagenimproved on its unique design, adding three news sizes, reshaped side panels and a stylish and seamless bent-glass front, and it is this updated ultimate turtle home that earned the Turtle Terrarium the title of Best in Show at the 2012 Global Pet Expo.  

Between 2001 and 2006, the number of turtles kept as pets in theUnited Statesincreased by an estimated 86 percent to nearly 2 million, and as they continue to grow in popularity, people become more aware of the responsibilities involved in keeping them as pets.  Exo Terra’s Turtle Terrarium was designed by European herpetologists to be the ideal housing for turtles, aquatic reptiles and amphibians.  The solid, sturdy Turtle Terrarium features extra-wide, extended water surfaces that provide a natural aquatic environment for its inhabitants, offering more swimming and living space.  The large surface also allows for more landscaping possibilities, enabling the creation of more natural and appealing aquaterrarium environments.

The updated design of the Turtle Terrarium features a unique, seamless and stylish bent glass front with a lower edge than that of the original Turtle Terrarium, permitting even better viewing and interaction between the animals and the animal owner.  The lower front edge also makes feeding the animals and maintenance of the terrarium easier for the owner.  Plus, with three sizes, the Turtle Terrarium is perfect for a wider variety of reptiles and amphibians, including some salamanders, newts, land crabs, geckos, bearded dragons, box turtles and tortoises.

To view Dr. Becker’s “Good Morning America” segment, click here –

Exo Terra’s Turtle Terrarium comes in three sizes:  18” x 18” x 8”, MSRP $134.99;    24” x 18” x 12”, MSRP $189.99; and 36” x 18” x 12”, MSRP $289.99.  They are available online and at pet retailers nationwide.  For more information, visit or call 1-800-225-2700.

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Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rolf C. Hagen Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Founded in 1955, Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet products, pet food and pet supplies with facilities located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.




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