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Très Chic Power Wing

March 30, 2012

Cardinal’s Viva La Dog Spa See Cones Powerwing Display Brings Parisian Ambience to Retailers

The stylish SeeCone Powerwing looks like the display window at an haute couture Parisian boutique, and hold 12 SeeCones - four of each size.

AZUSA, Calif., March 30, 2012 (For Immediate Release) – Although they’ve only been on the market for a short time, Cardinal Pet Care’s stylish and crystal-clear Viva La Dog Spa See Cones E-collars have proven to be so popular with owners of small dogs and cats that the company has developed the See Cones Boutique Powerwing Display.  This uniquely-styled display fixture showcases the chic and comfortable E-collars using Viva La Dog Spa’s color scheme of pink, black and white, while offering customers product information and allowing them to easily differentiate between the three collar sizes.

Evoking the display window of a fashionable three-story Parisian boutique, the See Cone Boutique Powerwing Display is white with a black and white “awning” that features the Viva La Dog Spa logo of spokeschien Lilly Claire on a pink shield topped with white plumes, and the brand name prominently displayed on the awning’s scalloped valance.  The display windows are flanked by inviting, perfectly-sculpted green topiaries in stylish black planters, and a pink “rug” with the See Cones name welcomes customers in to the “shop.”  Each of the three display windows are sized just right for the three See Cones sizes.  

At 13.75” x 4” x 27”, the See Cone Boutique Powerwing Display fits perfectly in an existing power wing fixture, and it’s also small enough to fit on just about any countertop.  Plus the lightweight construction makes it easy to move it around the store.  The See Cone Boutique Powerwing Display comes with 12 See Cones – two of each size in both the chic and classic Black Trim and the bright, brilliant Hot Pink Trim – and stores can easily order more See Cones via open stock to refill the display.

Crystal-clear See Cones provide pets and their owners with a realistic solution to the comfort and vision issues that accompany traditional E-collars, while offering pets style as they recover from surgery, wounds or other injuries that necessitate the use of an E-collar.  Designed for smaller dogs and cats, See Cones come in three sizes – X-Small, MSRP $12.99; Small, MSRP 14.99; and Medium, MSRP $19.99 – for pets with “neck to nose” measurements of 5”, 6” and 8”, respectively, plus they’re fully adjustable for a truly customized fit.

Viva La Dog Spa is a proud part of Cardinal Pet Care, a solar powered company devoted to pets, people and the planet.  In addition to providing pets with the highest quality products, Cardinal is dedicated to the environmental directive of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible. Demonstrating its commitment to the environment, Cardinal has a solar-powered home office, warehouse and manufacturing facility in Azusa, CA. Cardinal is also proud to be the first company in its industry to use an eco-friendly compostable dog food bag made with Earth First PLA film.

For more information, contact Cardinal Pet Care at 1-800-433-7387, or visit  More details are also available on the Viva La Dog Spa Facebook page.

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