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New and Improved Hagen Tropican Mash Hand-Feeding Formula is Best Ever

April 12, 2012

Tried-and-True Baby Parrot Food Now Made in Canada

Hagen Tropican Mash Hand-Feeding Formula contains locally-sourced ingredients to ensure optimum freshness.

MONTREAL, Canada–April 6, 2012– Parrot breeders all over the world trust Hagen Tropican Mash Hand-Feeding Formula for providing their precious baby birds with all the essential nutrients necessary for excellent growth and brilliant plumage.

A long-time favourite among aviculturists, the baby food is a result of industry-leading research and development at Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI), the world-renowned avian research arm of Rolf C. Hagen Inc.


“We are very proud of Tropican’s outstanding 25-year tradition of raising thousands of parrots over several generations at HARI. At a time when most bird food companies have shut their research centres, HARI continues its ongoing work on the research and development of advanced bird nutrition. In fact, it’s the longest-standing research facility dedicated to studying the care and breeding of parrots,” said Mark Hagen, M.Ag., Research Director at HARI.


Today, HARI proudly announced the launch of new and improved Hagen Tropican Mash Hand-Feeding Formula, which is now made in Canada at Hagen Industries in Montreal.
With new and improved Tropican Mash Hand-Feeding Formula, breeders and their baby parrots will enjoy many major benefits.  

For starters, it’s so much easier to mix and it quickly blends in seamlessly to create a smooth and consistent clump-free mash. This makes preparation quick and easy, improves feeding, and enhances digestion.

“Tropican’s advanced hand-feeding formula continues to deliver all the nutritional potency that has made it a leading food for baby parrots around the world. It’s an excellent peanut-derived source of fat and protein as well as a source of 8 essential grains that complement amino acid profiles, all critical to the proper growth and well-being of parrot chicks from hatch through the fledgling age,” said Josee Bermingham A.H.T., HARI facility manager.


Ingredients for the new and improved mash are sourced locally, which means consumers get fresher food faster. In addition, the fact that it’s now made in close geographical proximity to HARI, located in nearby Rigaud, means quicker turnaround times for final HARI quality assurance approvals and enhanced freshness-to-market efficiencies.

As with all HARI-approved bird food, Tropican Mash Hand -Feeding Formula undergoes rigorous 3-stage testing, which is unprecedented among bird food makers. Two onsite tests at Hagen Industries and final batch testing at HARI ensure that consumers get safe, dependable and top quality bird food for their treasured feathered friends.


New & Improved Hagen Tropican Mash Hand-Feeding Formula is available in 1 kg (2.2 lb) and 5 kg (11 lb) air barrier bags with Best Before (B.B.) Dates on or after December 2012.


About Rolf C. Hagen Inc.
Founded in 1955, Rolf C. Hagen Inc. is a family-owned, leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet care products, pet food and treats. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company has sales, manufacturing and distribution facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. The company has a large portfolio of trusted, quality, leadership brands for all pets, including Fluval, Exo Terra, Dogit, Catit, Nutrience, Laguna, Living World, Tropican, Tropimix, Prime, Habitrail, Marina, Nutrafin and Zoe. For more information about Hagen, visit


About HARI:
Established in 1985, Hagen Avicultural Research Institute is dedicated to the study of captive breeding, maintenance and nutrition of companion birds as well as to research into the care and health management of small animals and reptiles. HARI currently houses over 350 pairs of more than 50 various parrot species. Areas of study include disease control, pair bonding, nutrition, early parrot education, and the influence of temperature, humidity and light cycles on breeding. For more information about HARI, or


List of ingredients for New & Improved Hagen Tropican Mash Hand-Feeding Formula:
Ground corn, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, ground wheat, ground brown rice, ground dehulled sunflower seed, ground dehulled peanuts, canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract), dicalcium phosphate, lecithin, calcium carbonate, yeast culture, ground flaxseed, dried beet pulp, dried kelp, oat groats, lysine, yeast extract, methionine, vitamins and minerals (protein 22.5%, fat 11.5%).


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