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Liquid Healer

July 26, 2012

Remedy & Recovery Liquid Bandage for Dogs Protects, Soothes and Promotes Healing

Non-stinging Remedy & Recovery Liquid Bandage soothes and protects while allowing wounds to heal.


AZUSA, CA – (For Immediate Release) – When people cut themselves and get a small skin wound, there are any number of adhesive bandages available in various shapes and sizes that will cover the injury and protect it while it heals.  Unfortunately, when it’s the family dog that is injured, covering a wound with an adhesive bandage so healing can take place is not always that easy, which is why Remedy & Recovery Liquid Bandage for Dogs is an ideal solution.  This unique, spray-on polymer-based liquid covers the wound without the need for tape or glue, sealing out dirt while allowing air to reach the wound and promote healing.

Designed to help heal and protect injuries like cuts, scrapes and other minor abrasions, Remedy & Recovery Liquid Bandage for Dogs comes in a convenient pump spray bottle that distributes just the right amount of product for maximum effectiveness.  The quick-drying formula creates a waterproof yet breathable shield that keeps the wound clean and dry while allowing air to circulate around it, helping to speed healing.  The non-stinging, alcohol-free formula contains soothing, all-natural Aloe Vera and Chamomile, so it won’t cause dogs any discomfort, and because it does not require adhesive to hold it in place, the dog has complete freedom of movement and will often not even notice the product on the skin!

Remedy & Recovery Liquid Bandage for Dogs is part of Cardinal Pet Care’s Remedy & Recovery line of first aid products for pets that includes 12 products for minor injuries and emergencies – from wound care and insect bites to ear mites and worms – which help pet owners ease the temporary discomforts of their four-legged friends.  Other products in the Remedy & Recovery products line include Diarrhea Control, Wound Lotion, Pet Wormer, Ear Mite & Tick Control, Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder for Dogs, Hydrocortisone Lotion, Medicated Shampoo, Medicated Antiseptic Spray, Medicated Hot Spot Spray and E-Collars.

Remedy & Recovery is a proud part of Cardinal Pet Care, whose goal is to leave no carbon footprint behind.  The 60-year-old company replaced a variety of power-drawing fixtures with energy-efficient alternatives.  It also replaced the building’s skylights with prismatic units, added sensors that turn off lights when an area is vacated, and installed a “white roof” with 320 American-made solar panels covering 5,440 square feet of roof space.  These changes have reduced the energy load so significantly that Cardinal was able to install air conditioning in the factory and actually gives power back to the city of Azusa.

For more information, contact Cardinal Laboratories at 800-433-7387 or visit

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