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Catswell Recalls VitaKitty Chicken Breast With Flaxseed And Vitamins As Well As Four Varieties Of Chicken Breast Treats

July 27, 2012

Catswell has voluntarily recalled selected cat food and cat treats containing chicken breast.
The company has announced the recall of its Catswell brand of VitaKitty Chicken Breast with Flaxseed and Vitamins from two affected lots after testing revealed the presence of limited amounts of propylene glycol, which is not recognized as an approved ingredient for cats by the FDA. The lot codes of the affected food are SEW12CH032701/03c with a “best before date” of 9/10/13 and SEW12CH032702/03c with a “best before date” of 9/11/13.
The company has also recalled the following chicken breast treats:
 • Catswell Happy Hips Chicken Breast Treats with Glucosamine and Chondroitin (UPC 884244000565)
 • Catswell VitaKitty Chicken Breast Treats With Flaxseed and Vitamins (UPC 884244000572)
 • Catswell Breathies Chicken Breast Treats With Mint and Parsley (UPC 884244000589)
 • Catswell Shape Up Chicken Breast Treats With L-Carnitine (UPC 884244141817)

If you have purchased the affected food, please return it to the retailer where it was purchased. For questions, contact the company toll free at 1-888-559-8833.

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  2. August 1, 2012 9:46 am

    Shared! This is why I prefer to use products and treats that are healthy and made in the USA. Found a company that I love called Ark Naturals!


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