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Chase and Hunt

October 31, 2012

KONG’s New Chase-It Brings out Natural Instincts in Dogs

Teaser/wand toys are no longer the exclusive domain of cats, thanks to KONG’s new Chase It teaser toy for dogs.

GOLDEN, Colo. Wand toys are popular with cats because the flying movement of the critter or feathers that dangle from the end of the string brings out the wild hunting instinct of domesticated felines.  But why should cats have all the fun?  KONG has answered this question with its new Chase-It toy, a 2-in-1 teaser wand toy made specifically for dogs.

Like wand toys that appeal to a cat’s inner tiger, Chase-It is designed to satisfy a dog’s natural instincts towards prey.  A minimally-stuffed critter dangles from the end of a cord suspended on a long, flexible pole, allowing dog owners to simulate live prey that moves, shakes, jumps and wiggles, awakening the dog’s natural desire to hunt and chase.  The stretchy, plush Chase-It critters are available in four characters – Skunk, Fox, Cat and Squirrel – and each is minimally stuffed to feel more like real prey than regular overstuffed toys, plus the embedded squeaker adds fun and sensory stimulation.  For a little playtime variety – or in case the critter meets an untimely end – replacement critters are available in each of the four characters.

The Chase-It pole is the key to set things in motion, making the dog believe he is chasing real prey and enticing him to hunt and play.  When playtime is over, the durable, three foot long Chase-It pole collapses for storage, taking up barely more room than a standard ruler.  It also has an integrated handle at its base, so even children can get a good grip on the toy and play with their pets safely while having as much fun as the dogs!  

But what makes Chase-It even more unique in the world of dog toys is that the critter can be removed from the pole and cord for independent play!  A Velcro band attaches the soft, floppy critter to the Chase-It cord, fitting like a belt around the critter’s middle and holding it securely at the end of the cord for wand play.  The Velcro band also allows the critter to be quickly and easily removed from the cord, providing dogs with a semi-stuffed soft-sculpture toy, perfect for carrying around and shaking, like real captured prey.

The KONG Chase-It comes with a 36” pole, a 48” cord, a Velcro attachment and one critter, and it has an MSRP of $19.99.  Replacement critters are available for $9.99 each, and they include a black and white Skunk, a golden honey and white Fox, a dark gray and light gray Cat and a dark brown and white Squirrel.  The Chase-It toy and replacement critters are available online and at pet retailers nationwide.  For more information, contact Sandra Schlafer at KONG at (303) 216-2626, email or visit


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