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Ferret WarmUp Jacket – Helps Ferrets With Fur Loss Caused By Adrenal Disease

March 14, 2013

Adrenal disease is one of the most recognizable cancers in the world of ferrets. With the loss of the ferret’s fur coat the disease not only robs the ferret of his/her zest for life it also takes away their dignity.

The ferret’s coat helps to regulate his/her body temperature and without it, the ferret spends most of his/her time looking for a place to burrow in an attempt to get warm. So most ferrets spend most of their time sleeping or watching their companions play and explore without their interaction.

The Ferret WarmUp Jacket is designed with the fur challenged ferret in mind. Made from soft flannel it covers the ferret from neck to tail on his/her back and the front design allows the ferret to use the bathroom without soiling the garment.Image

The Ferret WarmUp Jacket is similar to the human Snuggie® in that it allows the ferret to take his/her blanket with him/her where ever they want to go. The Ferret WarmUp Jacket also has a Velcro® front closure making it easy to put on or take off.


With the Ferret WarmUp Jacket your ferret can go outdoors in style and be able to enjoy, the outing once again as the harness can be put over the Ferret WarmUp Jacket so there is no chafing.

The Ferret WarmUp Jacket comes in a variety of prints and solids. The Ferret WarmUp Jacket for boys has a larger open area to accommodate for using the bathroom and fit ferrets from 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. Custom orders can be made to fit larger ferrets.

The Ferret WarmUp Jacket for girls is longer in the front to give a more stylish look that many little girls like to have and these fit ferrets from 1 to 1.5 lbs.

The cost of a Ferret WarmUp Jacket in the US is $18 plus tax where applicable and $25 International these prices include shipping.

The Ferret WarmUp Jacket can be found at


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