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Take Your Dog And KONG To Work In June

May 23, 2013

Original KONGGolden, CO – (For Immediate Release) – This June 21st is take your dog to work day, a holiday to celebrate dogs and encourage adoption.  To promote adoption to co-workers, pets should be well behaved in the office, and the best way to avoid naughty temptations is to stay occupied.  The best way to keep a dog occupied is to bring a KONG toy along – just ask the 50-75 million US customers estimated by the company to own a KONG toy.

Globally, it’s estimated that one-third of the world’s 110 million pet dogs have played with a KONG at one time or another. It is universally regarded as the world’s most recommended dog toy. A recent Google search of trainers recommending KONG toys yielded over 3.4 million entries.

Perhaps one of the reasons that KONG has become a household name with dog lovers is that it was “invented” by a dog, Joe Markham’s German Shepherd, Fitz.  The KONG was made to keep compulsive gnawers like Fitz busy chewing on hard rubber (instead of the rocks he used to prefer), and chasing this unique toy as it bounces in unusual patterns.

The fact that the KONG is odd shaped with ridges reminiscent of a red snowman or the Michelin Tire Man makes it bounce in unpredictable ways when thrown, which arouses the chasing drive hardwired in dogs. And considering how important “play” is for dogs’ mental and physical health, playing with a toy that is so unpredictable is perfect, whether it be at home or at the office.

Another big factor behind the KONG’s enduring popularity can be found in its hollow center – or more aptly in the various goodies that pet lovers have discovered they can stuff into that center. Over the years, KONG toys have been stuffed with all manners of healthy and tasty foods, from yogurt and sour cream to peanut butter, banana and free range chicken. Some enterprising owners have even stuffed three course meals in their pets’ KONGS, starting with a dessert in the deepest recess, a meal in the middle and an appetizer on the outer ridge.

KONG toys not only work with all kinds of food stuffings, they also welcome all kinds of dogs. There’s a Puppy KONG for youngsters, a black KONG for extra assertive chewers and a Senior KONG for pets that are getting up there in dog years.

Regardless of which kind of KONG toy is used and what kind of treat it’s stuffed with, one thing seems certain; this simple, but durable toy leads the pack in keeping dogs occupied physically and mentally. People who take their dog to work this June would be well advised to carry along some extra patience, common sense and a couple of dependable KONG toys.

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