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CritterZone Air Naturalizer Gets Rid of Pet Odors Naturally Get $10 off with code PBL

July 16, 2013

CZ_Corded2_mediumthumbThe CritterZone Air Naturalizer is a revolutionary new product that has been getting the attention of animal experts nationwide.  Pet owners are well aware of the never-ending battle with odors and allergens that accompanies the joy of owning a pet.  Until now, the remedies have been chemical-based sprays or expensive professional treatments.  But the introduction of CritterZone has entirely changed the game.

CritterZone Technology is the ultimate odor and allergen solution in a powerful, yet compact package.  Simply plug it in and it instantly begins to improve your air quality.  The Air Naturalization process is a chemical-free, filterless, nature-inspired technology.  By producing a natural charged flow to the air, CritterZone gives indoor air the same energy the sun gives outdoor air to clean itself.

It is a great solution for a wide range of indoor air quality issues, including cat and dog odors to unpleasant smells from bird cages, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, aquariums, hamsters, guinea pigs, litter boxes and more.

One affordable, compact CritterZone Air Naturalizer typically can restore the air in an area up to 800 square feet.  It also saves pet parents on their energy costs, requiring only about 1/20th the electricity used to power a 60-watt light bulb.

They also have a car adapter so that your CritterZone can be used in your vehicle, keeping it smelling nice and fresh.

CritterZone won 1st Place in the New Products Category (Misc) at SuperZoo 2012!

Like to get one?  Get $10 off your CritterZone with code PBL.

There is a 30-Day Money back trial!  NO HASSLE RETURNS

(Available in the USA only)

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